My Exp. on W55 and TW as a whole


Everything I tell here will be 100% honest and true. If you dont believe me, well then I guess that's up to you. But I'm telling you this is the truth right here.

A bit about me:

I am (or was) anthong888 on W55. Right now I play W52 under the account name Santhergeist. W55 was a laid back world for me, and I was looking for some extra fun during my summer vacation. Today is my last day of summer before I get back to school, and I'm going to share a bit about what I thought about W55, and what Tribal Wars has become.

Exp. on W55:

In my last days of anthong888, I was kicked out of the tribe Troika (T~V). No messages, no chat, just straight dismissal. Well, I swear, to this day, after I have completely surrendered, I still do not know the reason of my dismissal.

People say it is due to spying. In fact, I had my friend go on for me during my night hours, and this is what he said:

"spy? i think he shared 1 or two posts from the forum to his pa. if thats what you think a spy is then sure. but no, he was not hired by another tribe to share information with the intent to harm this tribe to the extent of my knowledge."

T~V leaders still have not given me the reason for my dismissal.

War Exp. on W55:

Only one word really. Cowards. I have friends in T~V, and some are pretty close friends, mind you. But guess what? Despite thinking that kicking me out was wrong, they didn't join me. Why?

"Well, i agree with your opinions more, but i would probably stay in troika so i wouldnt get eaten. Its nothing personal, just me valuing my own safety ;)"

Everybody nowadays is so scared of dying. Nobody fights for what is right. I'll be waiting to see when you guys quit...

Second, there are too many dirty tricks. I trusted a friend to sit for me while I was offline. This player was mully567, whom I really shouldn't have trusted (my noob mistake). While I was busy sleeping, he sent my defenses away on 100+hour farming trips, and sent as many resources as he could to his tribe leaders.

Even so, I sniped 4 trains, retook 3 villages, and conquered one village in my personal war against T~V. Outnumbered and backstabbed, I was still able to defend for myself.

Listen to this:

tigura on 28.08. at 22:55
He has betrayed you. He purposely sent out your troops and you will lose your villages because of him.

For revenge:

Click on the support button on the bottom left corner of your screen. Select breach of rules. Then say that Mully was sitting you, and deliberately sent out your troops and sabataged your account.

Do this and if the support team finds that he broke the rules (Im pretty sure he has) he will be banned.

anthong888 on 28.08. at 22:56
i've already done that yesterday, thanks for trying to help though :D

tigura on 28.08. at 23:31
Good. I hope he gets banned. Sending out your troops was a dick move.

I have no idea who this tigura player is, but he is probably in T~V right now. In all honesty, I appreciate you trying to help. But really, you couldn't just say something was wrong on your real account in T~V and have the best time of your TW life playing an actual war. To me you are still a coward; you will not even tell me who you are in the game.

Is this what TW has become?


Report that guy who abused your account sit. He will get banned.

ONe sHO3 pR1EsT

join a better tribe in the area and let them eat your villages. I am sure this will piss off t~v

ONe sHO3 pR1EsT

They are part of the cool gang and your not.

I wouldn't say cool gang. I was speaking more about our chats about bawlz as a whole. Granted we do hold a lot of awesome points. Who doesn't have swagger though.


My experience in w55 is this.

Start a war. Make black op on enemy player. Player quits. Tribe we are warring eats there own after dismissal. Come to PnP. Raise Hell. Flame / Repeat.

Tribe we war disband, reforms, cheats , players get ban / repeat. Flame some more. Wait for player to come unbanned / internal/external while I wait.


Yep, T~V has done the same thing on me. Right now i have 668 incomings from T~V. on 27.08. at 01:33
Anthong888 is being opped by the tribe called troika. Do not ask how I know. Do not ask who I am. Your replys will not be answered.

I want to ask if this is even allowed in the game??

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668 isnt' very much... If I decided to span a single player, it would be thousands in a matter of 30 minutes.

ONe sHO3 pR1EsT

668 incomings makes us nubs...

That would be your answer, I take it back. Not all. Just most ;)

But hey who am I to judge. I am a nub.
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