My Favorite Leader of w76


HI all,

I hope to brighten your day with a conversation between a leader from the tribe 300 and myself. It's entertained me up to this point, but now I'm bored and thought I'd let you guys have a gander. I have added it completely un-edited for your enjoyment. I fully acknowledge that there might be parts that are boring, but there are parts that had me fall backwards off my seat...:icon_redface:

Best of luck to you and yours,


xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:11
Mr are ya? as you know your members has crossed my path...and i must say im kinda pissy right now..i know you had nothing to do with it but some how your part of it. i was going to recruit you guys but your member screwed that up..or at least for the time being..mez seems to like to ignore me..will you do the same? or will you have the brains of your out fit? let me know where you stand.

w00ter6 Aug 06, 05:27
Having a level 10 smithy at this stage is a little early, no? Couldn't all those resources have been used to build more LC? :S

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:29
i got see im a prem kinda guy with loads of money.....i got it like that! getting cats ready to by the should see them..their very lovely!

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:30
back to topic..your boy disrespected my suggesting to kill them off..bad kinda loyal that way to my guys...all for one and one for all....

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:34
you seem kind cool woot..i take it your the duke right?

w00ter6 Aug 06, 05:35
It is hardly disrespectful. You are disrespecting your top members by not trimming the fat of your tribe. If you dropped the bottom 30, you'll hardly notice a difference in forum activity.

As an exercise, you should send a circular and ask the entire tribe to send you 10 sp and sw. I would bet less than half will. Some will answer you with an excuse, and most likely 10-20 members won't even read the message. However, when they are attacked, they will ask you for support.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:41
ive seen tribes like that yes..but not this one..its funny you mention that because i did just that..and guess what..and this is no lie trust me..85 percent of my players responded with in 4 hours..true! and the support..lovely...i feel good about my guys would have fit in nicely here..i do agree with you on cutting the fat..but we have very little to cut ..some just needs to improve.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:48
your friend mez thinks he

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:49
he wants to fight...such glory in him! you must be a proud Duke!

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:52
By the way what i sent you was a fake..

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:53
I like you....your my new friend.

w00ter6 Aug 06, 05:56
A battle at this stage is idiotic. You'll wreck your own growth and probably wreck a few members when you realize you can't take on mez alone.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 05:58
lol im not taking on mez..or you for that matter...but mez better start being nice..he is a bit rude you think..or is it me? i tell ya give you boys an axe and your some kind of god! i love i said you must be proud!

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 06:00
oh and by the way just in case you didnt know...i destroyed mez on world 41 killed him and his 8 i think i can take him if i wanted to.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 06:15
hey woot...since your the duke you know your my best friend right? your the brains of the pack..i perfer to talk to you really..the others bore i know mez has the exp. and thats good..but that other guy..not so sure..player like him seems to get other players killed off..early..just my intake..but one thing is for sure..if your gonna pick a fight..then i would think you would be online...he sleeps i kill...if i dont kill..ill have some one do it for beef is not with you woot..your a good man i can tell...later cheif!

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:27
looks as if i won that fight against now i feel a bit better are you my good friend?

w00ter6 Aug 06, 18:30
How have you won? :S

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:35
did you see the report? he is useless to you the way you need to tell your guys to not point whore so much and build i sent half my troops and wipe him out..thats sick man..

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:37
I was also taken back the fact he did not back you need instruction on how to do that for your tribe i can send you a guide if you like to help you

w00ter6 Aug 06, 18:42
Why would he back time? You are missing some serious fundamentals right now...

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:43
well why not? hey you enjoying your game my friend? i am..why dont you join me..give this crp up my friend..i like you and dont want to hurt ya!

w00ter6 Aug 06, 18:45
Just because I'm writing back, doesn't mean I enjoy talking to you. Your arrogance grates on me like fingernails on a blackboard. I am simply talking back out of respect for another tribes leadership.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:49
well with all do respect in all fairness your guy started arrogance is because of that.

w00ter6 Aug 06, 18:50
Your hostilities are because of that, your arrogance can probably be attributed to the Dunning Kruger Effect.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:52
Dunning Kruger Effect? what the hell is that?

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:53
And by the way i have shown no aggression to you what so ever! except 1 fake which i told you before it hit...your welcome i could have hit you...but didnt.

w00ter6 Aug 06, 18:55
Your welcome? For what? I would have laughed.

xxstealthyxx Aug 06, 18:57
you would have been mad..come on man..stop denying it gosh man i thought you would at least be honest with me..youll find that im a kind god! agree to serve me and i shall spare you....fair enough? if not our talks is fruitless...i will not waste no more time..i will end our talks..this what you want?

w00ter6 Aug 06, 19:15



Mr. StrongBow

What a dude cant wait to meet this God.

In Hell...


What did he destroy exactly with half of his O? Can we see the report?