My Final Goodbye


I wanted to post this here incase some of my friends I have not contacted on skype. I will be quiting this game for good. Starting today around 23:00 when my W71 account will go barb (zich Wissenschaftler).

Reasons for me quiting are both a little in game and real life situations.

W62 was going to be my last world, I got dragged back to W70 to play with some old friends. Due to some events taking place on W70 a couple my close friends quit, and W70 was not as fun for me so gave my account away and was only on W71 to kill time for W70.

But also real life is becoming hectic, going to be relocating to a different station soon. For the people who don't know I'm part of the US Air Force. So with the relocating and possibly leaving on tour by the start of the summer it is no longer worth spending time on this game.

I enjoyed every minute I've spent on this game but unless my W62 friends decide to play again which does not seem likely after W70 I will not be returning. This game has changed so much, some for the better, and some for the worse. One thing will never change and thats some of the people here on the externals good or bad :p

Its been fun my friends, hope you all keep having fun and enjoy this game as it really is a great game when played right. Hope you guys keep playing the right way <3
Now go fight for my barbed villages!!!

Goodbye everyone

~ Jimmy / The Scientist.
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Many players do not know me but I was Jimmy's co-player. I will also be quiting (hence the account going barb)

GoodLuck everyone on W71 settings are great, world should end up being an interesting one :)


Best of luck to both of you :)

Here is some music for your send off.

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