My time has come.


Yes the rumors are very true. I have deleted and should go barb today or tomorrow.

So.. The goodbye speech.

I started the tribe with a few friends from world 12 with 1 goal. Defeat Pervis's premade tribe of elites. As we started our rim wars, we grew very fast and become a well known war tribe. As the world progressed and new members joined and left us, we started to work on our diplomacy. Set by our future growth. Our allies all worked very well with us and us with them. As we grew larger and larger, and still fighting more wars, we became struck a few times with inactivity. Myself being a war leader felt it is very hard to continue to fight these wars with lack of players to do so. We continued to merge a few of our friendly tribes and grew to become one of the largest tribes in .Net history. We have one of the best oda,odd,points, and war record .Net has seen. Those who have fought for me and their tribe are the ones who deserve this recondition, not me. It is the players in this world that has made it the best world I have played thus far. The experienced each world 24 player has earned I hope they take to other worlds to come. I hope that my time in this world was not wasted, and that the advice I have given to anyone, is remembered and used in newer worlds to come. I hope that those who fought against me and with me, never forget that this is a game, and this is not a game of personal feelings. Everything I did and said, was never personal until what I am about to write.

S²ORM Members

[spoil]You all have all done so well in this world. What you guys have accomplished is the envy of many tribal wars players. What you guys have done in the amount of time, the amount of non stop wars, the time and the effort is what made this game fun. The companionship and the teamwork, showed that no matter the experience, the skill, or the bantering from other tribes you all prevailed. I know some may feel abandoned, or a bit angry at me for leaving, but the point is that you no longer need me to lead you guys. You all are capable to take this tribe to the end on your own. You all can defeat any tribe that stands in your way to win this world.


I guess all we have left for allies is =RES=. Res has always been there for us and us for them. They have been there through all our problems and all our glory, often shadowed by our victories. Even during this week when there was some things that went down, =res= still stood there for us, and the duke asked if we needed anything. To me, that is what diplomacy and allies are about. It was and still is a decision I am proud I made. May you continue to strive res!

Old leaders

Jenkins---- Jenkins was much like myself, always wanting to war, and didn't give a crap who it was against. He was always there for his tribe, and always willing to sacrifice for the good of the tribe. He left us many months ago, but still to this day has never been forgotten.

Firasnas --- My apprentice duke I always called him :icon_biggrin: He was and still is all heart. He did anything or everything for his tribe. He had the biggest heart in any duke I ever seen. But don't let that fool you, he was also pretty ruthless in the field during many of our wars together. Firasnas left us 6 months ago to spend time with his future wife. Who was also in our tribe. The 2 of them made the tribe a lot of fun, and will never be forgotten. I am told firasnas has also deleted his account as well. Bro, the recent events does not dictate your leading style. You could pick any tribe and do it again and take them to the top.

Kanuk---- The ruthless duke. Was known during the kinky war. he was a great fighter, a great leader and would fight any tribe while surrounded. He was not as diplomatic as some LOL but only because he loved to war more then make friends.

Woody-- The thinker. Woody tried to do what ever he felt was needed to hold the lose strings in s2orm. He tried to spark the other players, and tried to get involved in diplomacy as well. He spent many nights on skype trying to work issues with other tribes, coordinate attacks and keep the tribe flowing during my absence. He is known to be hot headed, but only when drinking wine. And he loves his wine. :LOL: I am sure his new tribe will go far in this world.

Barons and group leaders.

The grunts of the tribe. The ones who had to do all the leg work for the dukes. The ones who spent hrs mailing their group, or planning the attacks. The ones who did everything behind the shadows while the dukes take credit for it all. If anything it was these individuals who deserve it all. The time and effort put into the planning with in our tribe was relentless. The Intel they brought to the war table and the advice they brought helped us to win many of our wars. For that guys I Thank you personally.


Rukoh - always had respect for you as a leader, fighter and a friend. Things stopped during our war against each other, but the feelings were never gone. I have always respected you and still do to this day. In fact I even used spell checker for this post! :LOL: It has been a slice BRB at least we killed manic!

KK--- Go to bed! I remember when you were so ill from lack of sleep during the manic war.. If you ever just played 1 account.. I think nobody could ever touch you LOL. Your the only guy I know who can play that many accounts and do well on them all. We had some fun times, and I don't ever regret our war. This world was not complete for me until we fought each other. My only question is with me quitting does that mean I lose? :LOL:

RS- funniest guy I met. Great sense of humor, and always fun to fight. Even when I ennobled him with 9 axes :LOL:

-ttd- your lucky dues are your protectors or you would have died many months ago.

Hyper-- I don't see you guys doing very well. A word of advice, you need members with war experience.. Sitting quiet for 2 years not fighting large wars only allows members who are not trained to send 1 sec trains or snipe. Sure every tribe has players who can't send those.. But the more that you do, the better off you will be.

Natch- Bahahah your dead!

Ok, so to the rest, I have missed many I know, but I think I talked to 90% of world 24 and knew so many that I can not say my goodbye personally in this letter. I think for those who have me on their skype I will say my goodbyes there.

For those who have long gone from this world and are up in tw heaven... HERE I COME!:icon_cool:

War on:icon_twisted::axemen:


Wiz and Goodbye


I am truely sorry that you are leaving this world. I will miss those nights getting guidance as to how to play the game and which direction we must take. I am grateful for you guidance and persiverance with me especially when I may have poured a little too much red wine into my glass. Whilst I have been playing for nearly 2 years you have been here since time began... and although we have never met I have visions of you with a long grey beard and a walking staff... leading your tribe across the Red Sea...

The Sea is Red from the blood of your enemies. Your tribe followed without hesitation. But now when you have seen the promised land - it is time for you to stand down and let others finish off the hard work you have done.
Your children will not let you down and will miss you always....

Have a great real life

your friend ... woody

king zant

good luck in rl wiz, you dont know me but players like me after a while develop great respect for players like you.

Thanks for making w24 the world it is today.



You built a war-tribe from scratch with SWARM and later Storm, and that is something I will always respect you for, more than any stats.

Experiences mean that time spent is never wasted, not for anyone involved in any tribe.

All the best to ya.


It is sad to see you leave. W24 has taken a gigantic leap towards its end with your leaving. You will be missed by all, good luck in rl!


Pathetic. The both of you, pathetic.
You and Furry, deleting your accounts - that's much worse than any inaction there's ever been on my part. You let some little kids and their tantrums overthrow the supposed "vision" you had for our guys. I will let the respect I would no doubt have if it wasn't for this whole episode, hold my tongue, though...
If you fellas wanted to go, there were many better ways to do it. So long to the both of you.


Wiz u were the one that showed me how to lead a tribe and how to look at all the aspects of it and the world around it. As a person that was here with u and seen how u made the tribe and how it evolved i can say that u are a TW legend.

With all do respect to everyone, Wiz managed to dictate how world 24 goes and was always steps ahead in everything.

Good luck in real life bro and hope to see u and ur wife soon ;) :p

The Great 1One1

I think half of the internal strife that you have had to deal with in S²ORM had something to do with me. I'd like to think I have gotten better over recent months, and it was because of the respect I had for you. Yes, back in the day, I was always questioning your ways, but you were always right....or at least most of the time.

We all make mistakes, but your achievements far out-shadowed your negatives. You were the best duke in this world. Good luck to you in W49 and RL.


It is sad to see you leave, but then again you can not babysit everyone forever. You did a great well not just great, but best job :)

World 24 will miss you.

All the respect and all the good wishes to you and your family.

It has been great being under your command.
War on <3


Sad to see ya go Wiz,youve being a good ennemy,an exelent leader,and an awesome friend,no wait,I hate you:lol:

respect,and let's keep in touch in 49 and on skype :icon_razz:

master hades


We had some good little skrimshes. Thank you for the fun you showed Deus and the world. Catch ya on Skype sometime. Good luck and the best of wishes bro.




Nope, been a pleasure (and Mrs G still thinks you have a hawt voice:icon_redface:)


Wizz you have done so much for us all and for what was storm, you will be sorely missed by many even your enemies lol.

You have done so much for me as an individual and listened to a lot of moaning from a lot of people. Im sorry that the last 2 days on skype of trying to get you to re concider has fallen of deaf ears. Storm was your legacy bro and i hope you are very proud of what you have achieved.

My best wishes to you and the family in the future may your legend live on.
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goodbye Wiz

I dont normally post on here i keep myself to myself, but i had to say goodbye. its been a pleasure fighting against your tribe. W24 will miss you. i always did enjoy reading your arguments with Rukoh RS and KK.


I wish you the best of luck. You truly were someone who was a great leader, not only to your own tribe, but to allies. Thank you for all you have taught me and helped RES become what they are.
Thank you for being a great leader.


[spoil]KK--- Go to bed! I remember when you were so ill from lack of sleep during the manic war.. If you ever just played 1 account.. I think nobody could ever touch you LOL. Your the only guy I know who can play that many accounts and do well on them all. We had some fun times, and I don't ever regret our war. This world was not complete for me until we fought each other. My only question is with me quitting does that mean I lose? :LOL:
Cheers. I've been out of action for the last few weeks, but rest assured, if I was there, I would have sent you an in-game goodbye. :icon_twisted:

But I digress. You were a great leader, and one of the mantras I find most dear to me is that the measure of a man's (or woman's) greatness in TW is based on how his peers view them. As you can see, many people are wishing you well, and I will do the same, as you deserve no less. You're often someone who is.. Difficult, to deal with, though that does not mean a bad thing. When we bickered about borders, I swear, you might as well have put two rams in the room and watched them butt heads, as that's about as close as you can get to what happened. A good leader will compromise, a great leader will make people see things their way. You had a knack for making people see things your way, something which cannot be taught.

Honestly, you took the fun out of W24 for me, and undoubtedly others as well, though that's a thing of the past. Don't let me catch you using family tribes again. If you do, I'll be coming for you, wIz. :icon_wink:

Have fun on other worlds, assuming you play any more. You deserve a long break.