My View on the World and W83 - Dream Teams


Came back to check the forums after a month or two today, thought I'd post my dream propaganda shitposting team. If we were all on the same team no external forum would be safe.

1. H0llyghost
2. DisplayOnly
3. Sinful Angel
4.Micheal Corleon
5. Brick/The Hound (Jack)
6. Ramsay Bolton
7. Trex
8. BlueTattoo
9 Dallow
10. Meepworrior
11. ted the stoner
12. arabella

No particular order. Probably missed some deserving people off, its been a while since i browsed and have forgot a fair bit of forum history. Picked people that posted best propaganda without making themselves and their tribe look too bad in the process. Overall I thought these forums were quite fun for politics and propaganda, despite a lot of butthurt and salt, but at least thats how you knew the posts were effective. :lol:

we could have been great, too inactive though :(


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@Dallow I think you answered yourself there. I don't have anything else to add on or say other than I agree.
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