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El chacal

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Since we already have a questionable backstabbing master, I think we should also have a n00b of the year.
Please dont just spam with names, but also the reason why you want to nominate this player.

El chacal

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I myself would like to nominate Cengaver
El chacal Feb 19, 09:46
smoking funny cigarettes?

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:11
I did a while a go :)
Why did you attack me? :)

El chacal Feb 19, 10:12
coz you had your minions attack me and claimed my villa

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:13
How you now it was me?

El chacal Feb 19, 10:14
you are the duke, right?

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:15
I dont give others for random players i give orders for tribe attaks

El chacal Feb 19, 10:18
you claimed my villa and had your minions attack me, so I attack you. which part is it that you dont understand?

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:19
And who told you that?

El chacal Feb 19, 10:20
your tribe mate

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:21
Wich one

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:21
Do me favor i will let you and take him then

El chacal Feb 19, 10:22
please do your own homework. let me give you 1 hint. worlds 69 and 71

Cengaver Feb 19, 10:23
Ok i will

Cengaver Feb 19, 21:56
I think your time will end

Cengaver Feb 19, 21:57
You are going to far

El chacal Feb 19, 22:08

El chacal Feb 19, 22:27
jeez, i am f*cking drunk

Cengaver Feb 19, 22:28
Nice stay drunk

Cengaver Feb 19, 22:28
Dont forget im 24/7 ONLINE

El chacal Feb 19, 22:28
no choise:)

El chacal Feb 19, 22:29
got some def by any chance? i got 20 incoming from fubar

Cengaver Feb 19, 22:31
Yes i do need some

El chacal Feb 19, 22:37
you need? why? fubar attacking you too?

Cengaver Feb 19, 22:38
Yes he atacking me to

Cengaver Feb 19, 22:38
We have the same ennemy

El chacal Feb 19, 22:39
i only send 50 fakes around :)

Cengaver Feb 19, 22:40
I now ;)
Im not from yesterday i played alot of this game

El chacal Feb 19, 23:11
me too

Cengaver Feb 19, 23:11
Dont wory have fun you dont have long :)

El chacal Feb 19, 23:12
did you drop the sit of super?

Cengaver Feb 19, 23:13
No i will drop your willage the second i will be able to atack you

El chacal Feb 19, 23:14
but i have so many D packs arriving :)

Cengaver Feb 19, 23:15
Dont worry im not along

El chacal Feb 19, 23:16
my name is regi

Cengaver Feb 19, 23:16
Nice to meet you regi

El chacal Feb 19, 23:26
Just out of curiousity, why did you kick me? i was 1 of the better players

Cengaver Feb 19, 23:27
I didnt kick you i send you to the other tribe and you didnt accept it

Cengaver Feb 19, 23:29
I send last 5 players to the other tribe and one of them was you

El chacal Feb 20, 00:21
i was kicked.

Cengaver Feb 20, 00:25
No you needed to akcept the invite from the brother tribe

Cengaver Feb 20, 00:26
I didnt kick you i send you 3 mesages to acept the invitation and you didnt

El chacal Feb 20, 00:56
you kicked me, told me to accept an invitation to the biatch tribe. that invite was revoked after 2 hours. that aint the way things work. not in tw, not in rl

El chacal Feb 20, 01:05
heeee. why you not reply? you no love me no more?

El chacal Feb 20, 01:24
jeez, first fubar and now nsfw attacking me

El chacal Feb 20, 10:43
need me to snipe that train for you?
seems you do not know how to cancel snipe

Cengaver Feb 20, 10:44
We wil se uf i now or not :)

Cengaver Feb 20, 10:45
Whait till the time come

El chacal Feb 20, 10:46
well, since you sent your noble to me after you had an incoming train, i think it is safe to asume that you have no clue what you are doing

Cengaver Feb 20, 10:47
I do have dont worry

El chacal Feb 20, 10:58
looks to me that your tribe is falling apart and you iz getting nibbled

Cengaver Feb 20, 12:01
We will se if they soccied :)

El chacal Feb 20, 15:36
I cannot snipe that train; I cannot send support. sorry

Cengaver Feb 20, 15:36

Cengaver Feb 20, 15:36
Dont worry i can handle it

El chacal Feb 20, 17:28

And than I backtimed his nibble, and he rage quit