Nauz the legend, and fighter against cheating?


So if we all remember nauz complaining about cheating and being on a one man crusade here's a post on it

Heh, making random shit up.


I'm well known for lots of things, cheating isn't one of them.

In fact, when bugs benefit me, I report them and request the mods take away my unfairly earned gains.

I got a free noble on W64 during startup due to a glitch, I had 3 nobles with a level 2 academy.

What'd I do? Messaged Morthy on skype, explained how I got it, and requested he remove it from my account.

As for creating barbs?


I have 4 barbs in my 7x7, every single one is a bonus.

I can't invite bonuses, care to try again?

Here's nauz explaining how he used to abused a bug... Pot meet kettle

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Your crush with nauz is cute but keep it on skype.


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Yes, you're mad that I called you out as someone that only takes a stand against cheating when doing so benefits you.

It is however true.

Me posting about Ray's cheating enraged you because it could adversely affect your plans on another world his account was on.

You'd have preferred he just kept on cheating rather than he get caught and have it in any way inconvenience you.

I abused a bug in 2010 on W52.

Which, for the record, unlike what Ray was doing - is not actually against the rules:

Rules said:
If you experience a bug you must immediately report it to the support team. Failing to do so may result in a punishment.

I did report it, me doing so got the bug fixed, the rules don't state you must cease using the bug after reporting it.
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Meh, not like 95% of people in the top20 don't use bot scripts on opera while at work etc. Unless your in college, work from home, are currently jobless OR have like 6 coplayers then there is probably no legit way to stay near top20. Unless your me.


Funny thing is Matt, if you were that against cheating, bending the rules or whatever term you would like to call it - you would not be in a tribe with Ray.

I know a lot of top players exploited that bug a few years back, you would be surprised.

I could bring myself to liking you Nauz.


I thought you were both friends? I guess not...

Dont see what Nauz did wrong? Matt are you jealous that your tribemates get caught cheating?

So cute watching you both go at each other, get a room already :)


You just made both of you look bad. While I don't like Nauzhror's immodesty at times, the 'cheating' you described above isnt really on par with the like of bots and inviting loads of players to get more barbs, well to me at least. I do recognise its a major advantage but its more exploiting than going our of your way to cheat.

Both of you are hypocrites, but isn't everyone in some way?

Miss Cup Cake

Its not cheating, cheating would be breaking the rules, this is merely utilizing a glitch in the system ;) .


we all know nauz is a ego tistical scumbag but thanks for pointing it out ;)