~NEA~ Family accuses what? with LIES!?

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are YOU not stealing players? are YOU not propagating-- and openly adimting to it? as for lieing, i think we are ALL giulty as charged. he who is without sin casts the first stone, eh? i somehow doubt it. we have all sinned, yet none of us want to be called sinners. you really cant call us bad, and im sick of our guys calling YOU bad as well. so we should just agree to disagree, cause as much random carnage as possible, and fight to the last friggin' breath. and if you wish to make one group seem the wiser, the nobler, the stroinger, or to make one group seem like unhounorable, dishonest, liers, than simply, i say whatever. NOTHING you say affects those loyal to my tribe, nothing WE say affects you.

Live with it!
God, shut up. You don't even have the troops, OD, points, or even the mojos to post such things like that.

so what ... its a war game ... get over it and act like a man ... we didn't lie and we didn't hide our aspiration and our concern about your tribe ... it all started when you recruited my war chief ... BTW ... anyway its war now ... do your thing and stop the propaganda ...
We're doing our thing already. What about you? A scout report to say that you did something in the war? pathetic.

ok its actually getting boring now.

Stop bitching and start fighting! Please...
Dude, this isnt burger king where you get your whopper 5 minutes after you order :p
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It was several days ago actually Kosmos so you' think the burger would be ready by now

Pulsar FTW

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If you're waring. Make a new thread for stats, and the like. This has just been filled with spam and pointless arguing. No doubt if i was to spend time just deleting the spam and stuff. I'd end up giving out a tonne of infractions. So it's in everyone's best interest that all stats ect, go in a new thread.

Do not start the new thread untill stats are ready.
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