Need a good laugh?


all you have done is internal muzza. i havent seen one decent op come from rhythm yet.

Great Hunter. You are proving well that how much delusional & arrogant you are.

Since you need a visit to optician and cannot clearly see at present, let me show you the Op itself.
Conquers made by Rhythm on Fusion between dates Aug 6, 2016 to Aug 7, 2016
Link - - 2016/08/07&pn=-1



Yes 91 caps in 2 days. And if you care to see in detail (which I know your arrogance wouldn't allow you to do so), there are 2 Mattnsamm caps, 2 muzza caps & 1 bigsecz cap. Rest all were on xanath, Rikkk, krystalballty (yes you), all of which are still playing who lost 86 villages in that op.

Before you make excuse like most were recapped etc.
Here is war stats:
Side 1:
Tribes: Rhythm
Side 2:
Tribes: Fusion

Timeframe: 06/08/2016 00:00:00 to 07/08/2016 23:59:59

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 91
Side 2: 8
Difference: 83


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 805,808
Side 2: 61,605
Difference: 744,203


91- 8 = 83 is not a bad op on any day. Of course you couldn't have seen it because your coward leadership decided to declare war right before Fusion op landed on Rhythm so that you don't have to see such an embarrassing losses at the start of the war. Oh wait! You lost villages in that op so you knew about it very well!

Highly delusional Hunter!

On the other hand, we have Ops made by Fusion. Which spends 100s of villages and hardly make any caps. And your dumb leadership tries to convince you with words - "It was a green day" (after 2 months and just for the day). I don't want to write anything about Fusion's terrible Op on Rhythm & Change because that would require more time than the amount of time put by Fusion players in those Ops.