Need players? Anyone?


Experienced player with 11M points as highest in possesion from the .se worlds is setting foot here in the .net worlds to see if something is needed ;)

A little bit about myself:
My name is Simon and i'm 19 year old guy. Being 20 in august. Have played tw in about 5 years now. In my sparetime i'm usually hanging out with friends eather in IRL or on skype. Also i'm playing WoW since about 5 years too :p

My tactics in game is more of a deff guy. I'd be happy to help others too by offering deffensive troops or even if there is in need of Account sitting.

Know quiet well english both in speaking and writing.

Write here or if you need more information please add my skype: halo456789123. Will be on in about 2 hours until the days ends :)