Need your Help Old guys

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We fight on the fields of TW, we are blood thirsty. We flame, we ridicule, we mock but we still are one community.

So as a friendly gesture I ask you all to please vote for this pic of my tribemate's nephew. With your precious vote he would be one step close to winning the competetion which ends in next 36 hours. If the kid wins he will earn a ticket to visit his uncle and get to see his yet unborn cousin.

So please vote for him.

Remember you can vote every hour. And just a hint you can use different browsers if you so wish. They all count as seperate vote.

So please vote for him! :icon_wink:
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OK who you calling Old do I look like Beelzebub ,,,granted my hair is long an flowing an my stache is grey but I'm not old at least not yet.:icon_cool:

but for the kid I will vote since he looks like he hit the jack pot for Christmas.:icon_biggrin: