Neighborhood Tribe Analysis


Well BP is now over, and in attempt to liven up the forums a bit it may be interesting to discuss some tribes in the world.
BP only just ended, so no major distinctions can be made currently, but in the near future they made be made.

Feel free to discuss your local K and what your thoughts are on the tribes in them. Who will succeed, who will hug, who is terrible, who is good (if any) and whatever the hell else you wanna talk about.


I'm currently on the southern part of K54, but overall, almost every tribe in the K looks fairly awful.

(Rank 1 in K, Rank 1 Overall, 60 members) - My Rating: 5.5/10
They are currently the number one tribe in the K (and in the world), and they really do have a decent spread. They're rank number 2 as attacker, which I would normally pin as a bad thing early one. However, I don't find it surprising and don't think it's indicative of their skill, since that's probably just a bi-product of having 60 members who are almost all farming at this stage.
However, the reason they are #1 is because of their recruitment strategy. It appears to be, recruit everyone and kick those who fall behind. They've basically maintained 60 members since the start of the world, and have 138 tribe changes currently.

SHOCK (Rank 2 in K, Rank 8 Overall, 60 members) - My Rating : 2/10
The rank two tribe in the K. They have a completely awful spread with just a massive cluster in the center of the K. 106 Tribe changes which is fair for this stage. Currently rank 13 in ODA which is also fair.
Low expectations, will fall soon.

~FK~ (Rank 3 in K, Rank 20 Overall, 60 members) - My Rating: 3.5/10
Bad spread but better than SHOCK's. 68 tribe changes which is very low at this stage, and could be good or bad. Looks to have decent leadership and very low ODA (rank 44)
Doubtful of their success because of all the dead weight they managed to recruit. Won't last until late game but it wouldn't surprise me if they last a month or two.

ISN (Rank 9 in K, Rank 48 Overall, 29 members) - My Rating: 1.5/10
They are an interesting tribe because they currently hold all three of the top 3 players in the world. That doesn't speak much for their appeared quality though, because their spread is absolutely godawful with up to 14 members in a 15x15. Don't know anything about the leadership, just that they aren't recruiting properly.
No chance of success.

GRRR! (Rank 20 in K, 71 Overall, 14 members) - My Rating: 3.5/10
They are a low member trip in the central part of the K. They aren't clustered too badly and will have room to grow, and about half of the tribe seems to know each other and have joined before the world started.
Don't know too much about them though.

Other than that, CHEER! and KEBAB! (8 members each), GNOME (12) and XMEN (7) looks like they could end up being decent, but they're too small and it's too early to tell.

Anyone else in the K is just rated 1/10, or they are under 5 members and I cannot bother.


Northeastern K55 on the K54 border, ULTRAS has a huge cluster%!/& here. They have a handful of decent players too. SALT on the K also has a few decent players, but again, massrecruiting.

On the world itself, I'd say KING has the best few players, but again, their cluster hurts my eyes. Just, why?

About ISN, my mind isn't made up yet. Might be decent, might be pointwhores that can't speak decent English (the whole tribe smells like a premade from some country, their starting positions and profiles and all). Time will tell.

Nothing else catches my eye yet. Too early to distinguish.

edit: Oh, you actually did an analysis thingy. I'm too lazy for that now :/ Will edit post later.
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edit: Oh, you actually did an analysis thingy. I'm too lazy for that now :/

Everyone's didn't need to be the same / as in depth as mine, any input is good input. I just had time and was looking to see if there was any way to liven the forums (there probably isn't), but I thought I may as well try.



Peaky - Lack of spread / lack of farm room / lack of future growth / possible conflict on noble claims
Karma - Mass and random recruiting
VS - Mass and random recruiting

mamnon idril

I can speak a little of INS as I am in that tribe. Yes it is Mostly made up of players from another server who switch over due to lack of players in said server. I was recruited by them So I know there are a few of us that are not part of the premade. I do know that the top 3 have had very decent hauls since the beginning which would tell me that they are just getting there before everyone else is. The spread is very rough but I think alot of that is due to the starting location of most of the premade portion but I could be wrong.

I for one have had to change my starting strategy a bit to compensate for the lack of res in my hauls so it is slow going atm.

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Tribal wars is really about gentrifying area's to all be blue.

Smurfist propaganda, how anyone plays such a racist game is beyond me. And do you ever see a noble woman? No you dont PATRIARCHY PATRIARCHY


Top 20 tribes will probably all fall in the next month:p