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Discussion in 'World 45' started by Daethon, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Keep It Easy

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    Yeah a really long time. Took me all of 5 minutes to read AM's post. Longgggg timeeeeeeee. Almost as long as the R4KI war!

    From what I can tell, you are very disrespectful Des. Not only to non-allies, but allies alike. You were mean to me, and you didn't even know me. If you think that an ally's response and reasoning is boring, time for some different allies. I mean yeah, sure the rim tribes will do what you ask cause they're RIM and desperate, but I prefer quality. The same way I like my women, attractive and loyal, not weak and annoying.

    As for you saying that you should shorten his speech into "I didn't do anything, it's all your fault.", if you took the time to read you can obviously see AM's apology for what he has done wrong. I take AM to be a respectful, logical person, while you are obviously brash and stubborn.

    Des is seems like your actions have always been synonymous with your level of available power. When you became part of the initial alliance to take out R4KI, your head got very big. After the combined efforts of everyone involved to successfully break R4KI, you kept that large noggin of yours and managed to take all the spoils of war, which allowed your head to blow up like a balloon. Ever since then, it seems you were pushing around the lesser tribes because of the power you acquired from your previous existing allies and from your merge with R4KI (obvious misjudgment, it seems power shifts frequently here). This caused your existing allies to grow farther apart from you. Misjudgments and assumptions can do that to allies (whether you notice or not) that's why married people often get divorced. Now that this constant push over has allowed for a new power to bubble to the surface, you treat the bubble like a tsunami and quickly act irrationally to try and restore this 'strength'. Truth is, if Omen and Chocho had decided to pull a fast one on you (by attacking), you would be in the same crap hole as R4KI was, and you know it. So now your little ally cushion is resolved to trust alone, which is something you cannot fathom when power is involved. If the leader's instinct is to act irrationally, it's time for a new leader as well as some new scenery.

    All of these arguments have surfaced from natural human ignorance. Work to change that irrationality in ourselves, and the problems caused by such will dissipate. Regardless of whatever "facts" both sides prevent. It's like the relationship between a kid and his parents... The parents are always right and have the power to make or break the kid... No matter what the kid says... Until the parents are in a nursing home and the "kid" is running the show. It all takes a little growing up to do.

    As for a response, I dont except Des to even read this. If he does, he'll say something along the lines of "Who is this nobody? Because 'Keep It Easy' isn't an account on this world I'll automatically assume he isn't a human and doesn't deserve respect." But it's ok. I'd prefer the logical people to read this over the irrational, because ignorance is blind to logic. The ones who focus on the illusions of what's in the front of them forget to check behind them.

    Oh and by the way, If you insist being allies with Omen, but also insist being allies with Ash, Pctrl, and Dark etc, who are you attacking?

    EDIT: You stated "Yes, because you were spouting all kinds of crap in mails the size of the Eifel Tower. I imagine everyone would stop talking to you then. You don't quite grasp the art of communication."

    Ever occur to you that life is often too complex to explain in 1-2 sentences? Rarely have I ever seen very complex mathematical equations solved in one line. Logic works best in bulk. Logic by itself tends to just be a statement.
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  2. Des,

    Well, I like your most recent reply. Well written.

    Of course, we agree to disagree, but we can work this way.

    I don't recall any outbursts on skype. Maybe I missed something. Can you post my outburst? I may have had an outburst, like, "Well hello Des."

    But I followed up with some nice comments complimenting you and your tribe. You just didn't stick around to hear them, which is why I posted them, above.

    I think we are having difficulty because of perspective and history that we don't share. You mention a lot of events that I was not party to. My perspective is more limited, and during our interaction you have cut me off.

    As for long e-mails, I can be concise. I often choose not to be if I have complex thoughts, and I'm talking to someone who disagrees with me. That is often the case between us, hence the long posts and mails.

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  3. Daethon

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    Have you forgotten that moment you left the Skype chat once you noticed I wasn't replying? :icon_rolleyes:

    I don't think you've quite read my post about that Skype chat.

    Mitsche ensured me you were behind the SRA merge and the recruitment of mikepowa and the ex-WP players. So yes, you were party to those events.

    Then talk on Skype. Doing diplomacy via ingame mail is silly, but it gets completely preposterous once you start mailing huge mails.
  4. Well, I'm at Albert.Moulton, Des.

    I'd like to chat.

    Please contact me directly. I'd like to resolve this and post some resolution.


  5. Daethon

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    AM and I have come to terms. The show's over, people!
  6. I agree.

    Thank you, Des.
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    Umm wasn't going to raise this but how exactly did any combined efforts break R4KI ? the reason R4KI fell apart was because no-one was willing to lead it after Matt's departure.

    This may not be a popular opinion , but had R4KI stayed together and been active , with active leadership , I can guarantee they would still be here . However they are not , and kudos to ONE and des he used the opportunity to further ONE , but no other tribe even scratched the surface of hitting R4KI and no-one hit any original or active players.

    I'm not sure what your last sentence in that quote means but changes in rank does not indicate a change in power .

    Thats complete bs , the truth is the only enemy on this world is inactivity , you think because cho cho and omen have merged they are the bigger power , you are deluded , ONE are in a better position right now if you were to pull a fast one . They are a more established tribe with a consistant leader , more experienced in working together in war ... whereas chocho already had cracks and inactivity and merged with omen who have proved nothing to nobody in terms of war.

    The main issue for this world is ... HUG or WAR ... . I was easy for any way ... as I chose to remain here as its an easy world to play inactively .. however I believe war is almost always inevitable . Considering this is a war game , it is bound to be in some peoples nature to , I dunno , want to war :icon_rolleyes: .
    I don't believe the fire can be quenched forever no matter how many people throw their coats on.

  8. Truest words in any post in this forum.

    Also true. I completely agree. One has interior lines of communication and a large base of experienced players. Omen no longer has inactivity, but it is much more spread out. When you include all friends on both sides likely to line up in the event of a major conflict, I think we would be fairly evenly matched. The war would likely be a giant waste of time and potential; such a conflict would benefit the other tribes much more than any members of One and Omen.

    True, again. In general terms, I advocate HUG at the core as a general strategy for long term success.

    Again, true. That is why we need to work carefully at the core to find a way for all of the most active players at the core to have plenty of war to keep growing, and winning, and fighting toward a common goal without having to fight each other.
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    Opening up an old post but i found it funny when i found this:

    Proof that point of views of what we have of each other changes with time
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  10. mitsche

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    This post represented the end of the Omen-One Alliance