New Awards Thread


Best Player: SirNoxon. Great timing on OP's.
Most Overrated Player: Turkmen.
Most Underrated Player: Twinto94 :) Hi Bro :p
Best Tribe: Contra. ---Next to RoyalE :)
Most Overrated Tribe: Khan.
Most Underrated Tribe: RoyalE
Best Leader: KuljaniCS
Most Overrated Leader: Kul'Tigin
Most Underrated Leader: Contras --- alot dont appreciate them
Best Tribemate: Peteshood,Panther,Noxon,kablamz and whole RoyalE
Best Forum Poster: Thats my boy -
Lamest Forum Poster: I am.
Best COA In-Game: Mine :D Might wanna take a look at it. IGN-- rodelxxz
Best Forum Signature: --- Mystogan.

Switched on Gardener

Best COA In-Game: Crazy Turtle (I've seen quite a lot of good ones but his is probably my favourite)

Kurtis Jackson


Most loved hater : Kurtis Jackson
thanks bro that is an awesome award :D

Best Player: Ngaz
Most Overrated Player: turtle soup
Most Underrated Player: Choco
Best Tribe: Contra
Most Overrated Tribe: Venus
Most Underrated Tribe: W2V I hate on them hard cuz they suck but they will still probably win the world, especially now that they have actually brought in some good recruits
Best Leader: idk
Most Overrated Leader: I would say most are hated on hard enough, no one is really getting enough credit for it to be too much.
Most Underrated Leader: W2V leader may not be good at coordinating attacks but has great vision
Best Tribemate: Max
Best Forum Poster: Bo - he is Canadian so his niceness probably helps
Lamest Forum Poster: hard to pick but it is probably between trende and tomb raider
Best COA In-Game:Hard to give this account an award but the current CS COA is pretty great.


Oi! I am not Canadian! We had a discussion about my accent you fool!

/me goes to slap kurtis's account around a bit ;)

Kurtis Jackson

Oi! I am not Canadian! We had a discussion about my accent you fool!

/me goes to slap kurtis's account around a bit ;)
I know you aren't natural Canadian but you said yourself you are being canadianized

Turtle Soup

Most Overrated Player: Ngaz, gets all of Contras support and takes a few villages back, and everyone thinks he is unstoppable :icon_rolleyes:

Just had time for 1


Most Overrated Player: Turtle Soup, internal, ditched your tribe, 4 second trains, poor timing.


Damn, you've only sent 12 trains? I thought you were overrated, not challenged :eek: