New Grapics Team.


Hello Graphic Gurus,

I'm looking for interested GFX whizzes with creative flair to form part of a newly constructed team which develops images for Tribal Wars Social Media.

The team will be based here on .net forums but you do not need to be a .net player to contribute as the images will be used universally.

To apply to become part of this GFX Team please provide a sample of work in this thread or PM, a piece that represents Tribal Wars to you. Any obviously troll like entries will be removed. :p

We will work on an internal forum here but be separate from the Tribal Wars International Team so the requirements are simply to be capable of providing some quality graphics.

There will be some premium compensation for providing the images.

Any questions or contributions please add them to the thread. Look forward to seeing your work :)


I'm a graphic designer student. Get in touch with me and check out my portfolio :)



I'll be coming back for the new no-hauls world, seeing as I almost exclusively play those. Wouldn't mind joining this if it's still open for applications. Here are some samples of my GFX work. I'll be making more shortly, no doubt. I also make maps.

Feel free to add my skype and have a chat. It's off to the left somewhere.
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