New mod, be gentle with me...

Discussion in 'W37 General discussion:' started by Smudgey, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    Hi W37,

    Just thought I would say hi and let you know I'll be your mod for the forseeable future. Just keep doing what you're doing, no foul language blah blah blah and we'll get along fantastic :icon_biggrin: and if you need anything clarified, stickied or anything at all, drop me a pm or you can get me on my skype, just remember to tell me you are from W37 or I might be a bit confused.

    My addy is Smudgeytw funnily enough :icon_wink:

    Have fun W37 and hello again :icon_smile:
  2. elementelite

    elementelite Guest

    Yey :)

    Keep an eye on Kev, he gets drunk and plays with people on the externals.... :lol:
  3. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    Noted, thanks for the heads-up :icon_wink:
  4. iKev

    iKev Guest

    I read the important bits...

    4pm, have an interview in an hour and still ridiculously pissed as a fart, I > life (that doesn't even make sense) *drinks*
  5. Notoriety*

    Notoriety* Guest

    Lulz. W37 got the mod who can't even spell his own name.:icon_razz:
  6. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    They decided that because such a special player as you resided in this world, thus you must get a special mod. Thus, I can be found here :icon_cool:
  7. ICECO

    ICECO Guest

    Good luck Smudgey, the atrocities you'll face are beyond comparison, but there is no way but forward.
    Guys, I had a great time modding here.

    As for me, I'm off to better places.
  8. Notoriety*

    Notoriety* Guest

    I actually don't "reside" in this world.

    Fail mod does fail research. :icon_cool:
  9. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    Are you my first stalker then? Because everywhere I go you seem to be there...
  10. iKev

    iKev Guest

    His primary stalkee is me, get your own pervert!
  11. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    Awwwww :icon_cry: I'll move on before this gets ugly. You can keep him.
  12. iKev

    iKev Guest

    You saying you're too good for his level of creeping but I'm about right?

    How rude!

    never drinking again!
  13. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    No, you had him first, so thus you can keep him. I never knew he was claimed. I apologise profusely. It won't happen again.
  14. Notoriety*

    Notoriety* Guest

    Nope. I just happen to read the New Moderator Introduction's forum and I was a rather well known figure on this world so I tend to keep up with this world's affairs.

    Plus, as Kev basically said, he > you.
  15. Stotty2009

    Stotty2009 Still Going Strong

    Aug 5, 2009
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    Why does all the mods leave us? :( Are we that bad :O
  16. Lord Gorwad

    Lord Gorwad Guest

    Smudgey <3 <3 <3
  17. Welcome. Also, congratulations on the promotion, ICECO
  18. Smudgey

    Smudgey Guest

    You're here too? Woop!
  19. MajMcMuffins

    MajMcMuffins Guest

    Nooo I want Ice back :(

    Welcome new Modie and Good Luck.. Bunch of crazy folks on this world..


    u can say that again .:lol: