New mod :)


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to extend my greetings to this forum. I too am lamenting the loss of BCB, whom I am sure many of you have become familiar with during his tenure here. Nevertheless, I will do my best to mod in his stead :)

A bit about me, if you are curious - my name is Matt, I'm from Boston, and I enjoy playing tennis. I've been a blogger in the past, but currently mod the Graphics forum and W44. As of now, I only play W62. I see some familiar faces here, but if you need to get in touch feel free to shoot me a PM or contact me on Skype at syntexgrid.

I'll have to get acquainted with the politics of this world! Glad to be here,


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I'll have to get acquainted with the politics of this world!
Just take everything I say as gospel and ignore the rest, then you will be fine :)


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Nice to have mod again in these forums, and welcome!

Politics aint complicated here, you will get acquainted to them fast enough i am sure of.


You won the place to faark, nice job. :lol:

Welcome to tijuana


Give me and infraction and ill go cry to Morthy. And he may or may not(most likely not) wag his finger at you :icon_surprised:

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nobody likes morthy, so i would do it to spite morthy.

morthy gave me my first infraction lol


Modding our little corner of hell....... D:

Did you lose a bet or something?


It's my understanding that with his new job he won't have enough internet accessibility to feasibly mod.
Correct. I get a couple of hours of internet each week, which certainly isn't enough to handle you lot :icon_wink:

Also, glad to see you've got a new mod. I'm sure syntax will have fun here :)