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Spread your wings!

Hello and welcome, Lords and Ladies, brave Adventurers and humble Knights! Do you think your strategy in the early game is limited? Do you think you can do it better than the Questline is telling you? Well, now it is time to break free of the chains that keep you to the ground, spread your wings and follow your own path!

The New Quest System

Dear players,

today, we want to introduce you to a new feature that is coming to Tribal Wars International and which will be rolled out to all the other markets in the next wave as the new standard for Tribal Wars!
It is the New Quest System! Our developers have been working on this feature for a while now and we are happy to announce that it is ready to get into its last and biggest testing phase!

The new Quest System will be activated on world 120.

The Main Quests

The Main Quest will hold all the quests that are related to the tutorial but also those who can't be categorized into Event, Mentor, and Tribe Quests. The biggest change is that it can hold multiple Quests at once, each of them having its own progression system. Gone are the days where you have to do one quest before getting one that you really care about. Of course, there still will be questlines, but instead of one, there will be many running at the same time.
Main Quests.png

The Tribe Quests

The Tribe Quest reset weekly and will not only let you gain rewards when finishing them but also will raise the reputation and prestige within your Tribe so you can work together for a greater goal and track your individual progression and achievements! For the victory!
Tribe Quests.png

The Event Quests

If there is an Event running, the Event Quest window will appear. The Quest will be the same as before but adapted to the new look. Unlike the Main Quests, there won't be a questline, but rather you will get a new quest as soon as you finished one. For example, there are quests to reach a certain rank, e.g. 100 - 50 - 25 - 10. The first Quest will show the rank 100 quests. If completed, the 100 quest does not show up anymore but the new rank 50 quests will appear. In case there are two or more quests at once, they all will be shown simultaneously.
Event Quests.png

The Rewards Window

The Mentor System also finds a new home within the new Quest System. It will show all the Quests that are related to you and your mentor, who can set them up for you.
The biggest improvement to the old Quest System is through the newly added Rewards Window! As the old Quest System limits the building order in case you want the resources from finishing a quest, the new Quest System targets this issue by giving back resources for every building that you upgrade. But beware: If you build a second HQ Level 5, you won't get any resources for this. Another exception is, that all initial buildings for the world are removed from the reward list.

There are two mechanics to those rewards, first: You will at least get a predefined amount of resources when a building is finished. This can be a different amount for each resource type. Second: You can x% of the upgrade costs back if: the x% of the upgrade costs are greater than the predefined resource amount. The maximum reward is capped at a predefined amount of resources.
For example, you build an HQ level 20; reward value set to 10% → upgrade costs for the HQ (wood) 7.266; 10% of that value 727 → this is greater than 100 (predefined amount) → you then receive 727 wood instead of 100 wood. Special case: if you add more than 5 buildings to the queue the costs will increase, but the reward will be capped at the initial resource costs.

You will receive the resources at the active village. Also, there is a warning if there is not enough space in the warehouse to store resources, so they don't get lost. In general, quests themselves do not give any resources anymore, but they can unlock a reward for the player to claim.
Reward Screen.png


As the feature is not yet on all markets, we want to use this opportunity to gather all feedback you have to give to us! Is there anything you would like to change or what we can improve? Let us know your feedback!

Your Tribal Wars Team​