New thread - "Let's see what people think..."


Best Player: can't say yet but i've seen several that are up to a level where individual skill already is maxed out. From then on I guess it's a matter of perseverence. Right now i'd nominate e10100111001, and Mohit but he isn't active any more

Most overrated player: no one has been tested yet. Snipes don't count, it's a 250 ms world.

Favorite Player: Balubhai - he teaches if you are willing to learn

Best tribe: Ya Bro

Most promising tribe for future: Doubt

Best leader: - no serious wars yet

Worst leader: Leader of the DAA family

Favorite forum poster: ALessonInPointWhoring - he keeps it real and doesn't have his head stuck up his ass

Lamest forum poster: - Dream Sweeper. Bro I'm a mod on another forum, no need to be so strict.

Best COA in game: like who cares dude. CoAs are a personal thing.

Most overrated tribe: "CHAOS is gonna start"

Most underrated tribe: - the family tribes haven't died out yet so not sure. Whtever tribe out of the top5 which has regulars on these forums in it.


In my opinion it is too early for this thread, but I'll post my opinion based on some other worlds experiences with players that currently play here.

Best Player: I know i should probably chose one, but i can't. Some of best players in this world are: flux0rx1, Pa Fehk Tai Mihn, WindOfWar31, Phoenician and Almighty Lord Core. Not sure how serious all of them play this world or not, maybe they are here mostly for pp (as me), but i know all of them are good skilled/solid players.

Most overrated player: Nauz ;P

Favorite Player: Pa Fehk Tai Mihn & WindOfWar31

Best tribe: Shrekd

Most promising tribe for future: Shrekd

Best leader: too early

Worst leader: too early

Favorite forum poster:
Nauz when he sets his ego on OFF ...

Lamest forum poster: Chase (OFC)

Best COA in game: idc

Most overrated tribe: #WREKT :p

Most underrated tribe: Ya Bro
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Ara dere's something yellowish brown in yer nose tip. Must be Nauz doing!

And sator Leave Jake alone. He is a new Mod, He will eventually learn to ignore few minor things that isn't meant to be offensive but just a figure of speech or an expression over time. For now he can break my balls all he wants.. I have received the most infraction from him so far beside Chase I believe and his reasoning was legit, tho someday he will find the truth that he is killing the fun out of this forum by not letting small matters slide. Anyways I didn't get my head around few of your speculations. Nothing you put up for the world to see is personal, cause that's how people judge first by looking then by getting to know more about it. And Nauz doesn't do what?! You know nothing Jon Snow.


Choice of CoA is always personal, just like your choice of forum nickname. Some tools use it to send a message or be all cool and stuff. But mostly I see people posting things that don't make that much sense unless you ask them the story behind it. Or you reverse google the image at least.


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Guess who is back for another adventure :) cant wait to be underrated again :p