new to tribal wars

christy k

hey guys new to tribal wars any hints or invites would be greatly accepted


well one good hint would be don't post on the world forums telling everyone you don't know how to play, lol.


Welcome to the game.

You probably wont get much by way of information off the World forums just now, not unless you like watching people argue about a war game where actions are the only thing that really matters. I will try give you some hints but im sure there are others out there who could do a much better job.

Troops. They are the life blood of the game, it's too easy to ignore them and build another level of Smithy or clay pit. troops should be your first priority at all times.

Points, These are just a measure of how you are growing, they are not something you should be aiming for. You dont build a warehouse because it gives you 14 points, you do it because you need the storage space. Only build what you need and plan in advance.

Farm. Use your men at all times, 100 Spearmen sat at home are all well and good. 100 spearmen attacking a Barb and bringing home resources are paying for themselves. Think of them as your 16 year old son, what is he doing sat at home when he can be out getting himself a job.

Activity. Be active and log on often, i know not everyone has the same amount of time but activity will help you get to grips with the world and the game. Especially in the beginning.

Tribe's. Dont just join the first tribe to invite you, think about it and have a look in your area. Joining the wrong tribe will get you killed quicker than failing to build troops will. Build up and become Dominant locally, Let the first week or two pass and see who is still standing. Then find the best tribe for you and write a good, well written application and see how it pans out. A good tribe should take their time over the decision and it could take a couple of days and a few mails before a decision is reached.

And most importantly remember its a fun game, you will lose and you will win. When you are winning enjoy it, things can change very quickly on TW. And when you are losing enjoy it, Getting rimmed can be a great deal of fun and is probably the best way to learn the game.

Again just enjoy the game.


*Sigh* not a good way to start.

Build statue, pally, barrcks, 10 spears then farm local barbs. :icon_wink:


farming is attacking nearby barbarian villages to take their resources. Don't attack with spears alone, send paladin with to prevent losses.

Han-Fei Tzu

There is a search feature on these forums, as per the usual. I suggest you use it to find any one of a myriad of tips, hints and guides located among the multitudinous threads.