New tribe in rim k23


hey all

tdinh08 is back with the account name Baycao

north regions
tribe name : Nerd tactician

we are looking to have a small tribe, very small tribe with 7 players total
requirements: know the basic of T train, snipes, backtime, farming with twfarmreport, or other equivalent farm scripts
own and function a skype account

If you recently got nobled or tire of playing in the core, want to start fresh, pick north, and join us. (if you met the requirement)

we need players with some experiences, because we will have a very small tribe, we don't want any new players that yell for support for every incoming they got coming their ways.

My personal exp: I play under the user name of iiooii and tdinh08, both account speaks for itself from twstat profile. Iiooii accounts come as far as ranked 3rd in world 57 leading the tribe tactician which is also ranked 3rd.

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of the seventh tacticians?
My skype is: tdinh08

members so far: 4/7
Baycao <--- use to play tdinh08 and iiooii as mention above
pipiec <--- rank 45 in world 3, been playing continuous for a long time with tw, efficient in snipe, bakctime, t train and many scripts, been in the top tribe of world 3.
toolhand <--- decent players with past world experiences, learning some new scripts, doing well
TheyCallMeFin <--- experience in world 40, quit world 40 for a while and still have rank 80th
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updates, 5/7, besam (world57) under the new user name of whothere have been accepted.
besam been one of the key players in Tac in world 57, super active! and well experiences.