new tribe

Touketsu Ookami

wow surrounded by twa and rkn. good luck trying to get into one of those.

Touketsu Ookami

RKN???!! Look at a map :icon_wink:
i did and i was looking in her box area not the whole thing. rkn-n and twa-s surrounds her. how bout you look at the map. :icon_wink:
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How about the K93 rankings?

Tribe ranking for the continent 93

Rank Tribe name Points Villages
1 TWA-S 9,39 Mio. 957
2 TWA-RB 6,66 Mio. 679
3 FEAR 1,35 Mio. 143
4 S-TWA 659.983 64
5 |RB| 514.862 62
6 ~TET~ 275.442 32
7 RKN-N 170.570 18

Oh I see they only have 18 villages in K93...