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TL;DR Speed Casuals would be a laid back version of TW, except you can grow your account faster. This would retain/add to the player base, provide experience for players, and be P2W-free.

We have regulars, we have speeds, we have casuals, we have classic. I bring you the suggestion of Speed Casuals.

I am not proposing an exact system of how these worlds, as the CMs and others definitely have more insight into this than I do, but I think this would be a valuable world type to have.

I imagine this running similar to the Week long speed worlds, except the following modifications/settings:
  • Month long run time (or even longer, there are 99 continents)
  • +-20% points attack limit
  • Double or triple the barbs:player ratio
  • Increase tribe size to 5 - 10 players
  • Sleep mode active
  • World speed: 200-250
  • No prem market or events (not really a need for it in speed)
  • Runs more "officially" than the Speed worlds,

1. TW, but faster

TW is a slow game. In a regular world you spend ~2 weeks before getting a second village, a couple months growing an account with the first couple villages, and then you enter mid to late game. This world style lets you grow an account way faster.

2. Player retention
Very few players that are not P2W, part of a premade, or multi account coplays make it far in regular TW worlds. They will make it the first couple months max and then get nobled out. The TW player base is dying, and the premade set up of tribes is not helping. This thread isn't meant for a discussion on this topic, my point is that this world style might be utilized by players who aren't able to make it far in the regular TW worlds.

3. Training / Experience
A speed based casual would allow players to grow an account quickly and learn how to handle multi-village accounts, and snipe/attack etc. On regular worlds the vast majority of players never make it past a couple villages, but this setting would allow players to easily gain a couple dozen villages. The skills from these worlds could then be applied in regular .net worlds, increasing the skill pool there.

With the ability to create a large accounts fast, you could test out new strategies. In a regular world you wouldn't want to risk trying out a new attack strategy in case it fails and you are set back a couple weeks.

Also, players can handle fighting on speed, players can handle fighting on regular .net worlds way better.

4. Allows for catch-up
In a speed world, you can grow super fast relative to other people. You could join a week or two in, farm hard, and you could be right up there in the top ranks within a couple days. It's near impossible to do that on a regular world. Regular worlds start up every ~45-60 days. Joining worlds late is rarely ever successful, unless you join into or with a premade. W117 is the only world in my memory where late start rim players were able to take the win.

5. Quality speed fights & Large speed fights
4-8 hour speed worlds are usually too short to have extended fights., and accounts aren't large enough (unless specific world settings). With the attack limit, you would have players at all size ranges to have equal sized fights, and the opportunity for multi million point speed wars, something that is very rarely seen.

6. Expands purchases for PP + AM + LA
Many of the people in this world would be able to grow to a level they wouldn't in a regular .net world. This means more people buying more subscriptions. Obviously there won't be any events or premium market, but this world style would definitely generate a profit.

7. The P2W-free world style.
No big PP spenders dominating the world. As points 2, 4, and 5 mention this is a friendly world type for everyone where people who want to try can easily end up on top.

8. Those with a short burst of available time
People could play for just a weekend, or if they catch COVID and have to isolate for a couple days etc. Build up an account to several dozen villages and then quit. You can't do that anywhere else.

9. Desire for this world style.
I believe this would be a very popular world style. I have played a 5-day and a 7-day speed world. In both worlds, I have spent several days nobling small 3-7k pt players on the rim as those are better than the 500 pt barbs. I get dozens of messages - nearly all of them inappropriate to post on these forums - whenever I noble these players. I do have conversations with several of the players. Most players are just looking to build up an account and noble some barbs. I think this world type would let players do that.

10. Opportunity for new players
In my opinion, the current method of teaching brand new people to this game sucks. It's essentially "Welcome to Tribal Wars, here's some starter quests and we'll see if you survive more than a couple weeks. Good luck!". This is touching on a bigger issue, but my point is that many new people to the game won't spend several weeks building up their account, and if they do they are nearly never successful.

A speed world would allow a brand new player to the game to build up to a second village in just a couple of hours. The quest system could be added to this world type and could even be the default world type to introduce players to TW. A "tutorial" world where there is an attack limit that lets them experience the basics of TW without the immediate experience of P2W players.

11. Empire Building rather than War Fighting
This is the benefit of Casual worlds. Fighting does occur, but you avoid the war fighting for empire building. Many of us like the war aspect of TW, but people also like the village building aspect as well.
If you read or skimmed all of that, thank you. I am interested in what the TW community thinks about this suggestion. I think this suggestion largely targets the player demographic that is not present in the forums, in the Discord server, or that plays the midgame-endgame of worlds. Most people that will be reading this thread will likely not play this world style, but nonetheless, I hope you see the same value in it that I do.


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it seems like you just want a world to barb munch.

this is what casual should be. however a few losers who can't cut it in regular worlds fall back into casual because there's a premium market they can get outspend people on and make up for their inability to play regular worlds.