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Hello wonderful people,

We all know how much of our time and effort this game takes and in return, we get nothing but the satisfaction of win or anguish of loss as an everyday affair. But the most important thing we get is a love hate jealousy relationship with fellow players.
Tribal wars team has done a marvelous job at bringing together people from different continents, cultures, and time zones together to play this game. Now another year ends and knocking on our lives is 2017 - a new year. The trend of resolutions at new year is old and fun.
Let us share what is your Tribal Wars resolution for 2017 with fellow W 90 players.

Example: My new year 2017 resolution is to be in Top 5 of W 90.

PS: You can share your RL resolutions as well. :) :)

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My resolution for TW is to see Corp lose, because they have 1 of only 2 people I have blocked on Skype o0 And he deserves it. Seems he's also in TEA.

My resolution for RL though? ... Mhmm, not spend as much money as this year :S
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TW: I wanna be the very best, Like no one ever was,To noble them is my real test,To build them is my cause. I will travel across the land,Searching far and wide,Each TW-VIllage to understand;The power that's inside.

Real Life: To move out of my moms basement, and potentially start a drug ring. (I do not support this idea, but life leads people down crazy paths)

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TW: To finally make it beyond 1 village (I've been trying for years and still haven't managed it)

RL: Finally finish off my collection of Barbie dolls, I'm still missing out the elusive Pink Jubilee Barbie!


Tw... I really don't know. Don't care much either. It's a game, if we win, we win.

I'll give it my 100%, but I'm not gonna blubber and cry if we lose.

RL - yeah.... I'm keeping this one private.

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