New Years! - Private Speed Round

After the successful speed round that bluetattoo hosted last week I have decided to host my own.

I will be hosting it on Friday 2nd January. Time is yet to be decided but will be the later hours of the day. Hopefully people will be able to battle through their New Years hangovers to play.

Those who played in the previous round that are Interested are more than welcome to play and will get selection priority if Interest is high.

Speed is most likely going to be slower than the x400 we had last round.

If interested please add me on skype with a message of stating why you are adding me or I will simply ignore it.

My skype is :


Can I get kicked for inactivity? If not then I'm in

Due to some mixes/holiday times etc.. Speed world has been sorted for the 10th 22ST I am still accepting people to join.


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But that system has been discontinued for a while now, so right now you can't do that anymore.