An update for people that knew my father. David Johnson. Or as you knew him on here thru this account Eyesofaveris. He passed away on Saturday after a long battle with cancer. He was 42 years old.

I know he played this game a lot and it meant a great deal to him. On several occasions I helped him run his account while he was sick the last 4 years.

I'm going to play the account he started on Worlds 61 and 66--ReturnofAveris. As this was one of the things we did together for a very long time I hope I can live up to the goals he reached in World 3.

Allan XB Johnson


Why were the posts after this post deleted? After extensive research, this player has exposed himself as a liar and falsely exploited our good nature time and time again. I'm glad this player has gone and please mod - if you choose to delete our posts please delete this lying jerk's post as well.

Delete the whole thread OR give us - THE PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL IN THIS WORLD AND KNOWS THIS JERK IS LYING - our chance to expose his lies.

Eyes - get a freaking life!! Quite sniveling to the mods and leave already. WE ARE SO GLAD YOU'RE GONE FROM W3! Move on! Annoy someone else please!!!!!