=NeXT= Time, Dont Ever Create A Tribe.


=NeXT= Time, Dont Ever Create A Tribe.

Yes, thats true Ph-19-Rzw, dont you ever go creating a tribe like this one. Wait, you have no control over this tribe at all :icon_rolleyes:

Lets look at =N.E= position:

Red: =N.E=
Yellow: Punked
Blue: Azura

Yes, they are surrounded by Punked and Azura.
But, as Azura are their allies, they have a threat from Punked.

They whole conflict first started when =N.E= started to recruit in K56. Well, as most of the people know, i am a stubborn when it comes to K56. So it had been decided that no alliance would be made within K56 or any NAPs. Instead we made many enemies :icon_biggrin:

But =N.E= just had to show how stupid they could be, they started off by attacking schlsofsk, one of my tribe members. As we could no longer resist the fact that =N.E= is trying to get ganged up on us, we started our own little opps against them, and the result was that within the past 3 days, 8 members left their tribe.

Well, i will show something to you guys:


The attacker has won
Luck (from attacker's point of view)
-12.8% Misfortune

Morale: 100%

Attacker: Laeodan
Origin: Calador (600|523) K56

Belief: Your troops were religious. Battle strength: 100%

Defender: xburx05
Destination: SLash (596|527) K55

Quantity: 197 96 0 0 20 3 0 0 0 0 1 0
Losses: 197 96 0 0 20 3 0 0 0 0 1 0

Resources scouted: 2.490 3.242 3.109
Buildings: Village Headquarters (Level 15)
Barracks (Level 5)
Stable (Level 3)
First church (Level 1)
Smithy (Level 9)
Rally point (Level 1)
Statue (Level 1)
Market (Level 6)
Timber camp (Level 15)
Clay pit (Level 15)
Iron mine (Level 15)
Farm (Level 10)
Warehouse (Level 13)
Hiding place (Level 3)
Wall (Level 12)

Haul: 2.018 2.628 2.524 7170/7170
Damage by rams: The wall has been damaged and downgraded from level 15 to level 12

and many more[/spoil]

So, i managed to clear out players who had 200+ points than me, so did my tribe.

Lets look at their diplomacy page shall we?


They aint getting support :(

Oh, how bout this?

Tonrina today at 19:26 Quote Edit Delete
First i'd like for us to all send nukes at CoreOwner. kill him and they loose leadership someone with a prenium acount became frends with him, when he's offline send all your:
Edited by Tonrina today at 19:26

EMU13 today at 19:27 Quote Edit Delete im sure he will jump at being friends with one of us

Tonrina today at 19:27 Quote Edit Delete then we need a spy

Tonrina today at 19:28 Quote Edit Delete can you do that EMU13?
dont worry il invite you back when your done or if you don't get in


Oh, well seems like they realized that they cannot take Punked out alone, so they need the might TITANS

Tonrina today at 18:31
Coreun-Pwner look ive just told TITAN about YOU and your not gonna exist tommow :p

CoreOwner. today at 18:33
TITAN... oh lord. feeling sorry for you guys, you cant take us out :O so u need TITAN's help.

We will get the punked soon. Thought that W48 should know whats going on.

PS: Not a good pnp, i know, dont flame me for this.​


Is this another "Farm" war, or something?

Also, please post more reports :)

7/10 for PnP


=N.E= I don't get that you have the main tribe has NAP and our academy tribe under alliance Plzz explain. lol


the majority of titan is two continents away, what do they expect them to do


=N.E= I don't get that you have the main tribe has NAP and our academy tribe under alliance Plzz explain. lol

I think they are saying your academy tribe is better than you main tribe. :icon_eek:

Kash, I give this an 8/10. & for the PnP and an extra point for not using any pics, just maps and reports. It's a rarity these days(even I add a couple pics usually, lol.)


They no longer exist except for one member :lol:

I had absolutely nothing to do with this :icon_rolleyes: