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Hello Lads

I am normaly playing on the German Server and have a little questions about the nightmode. When it is possible to define the nightmode on my self, can i set it in middle european time or how can i adjust the setting?

Thanks for your help and stay safe.


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info from ingame - hope it helps

Night bonus
While the night bonus is active, the defender receives a bonus of 100% when attacked. The bonus does not affect scouts and only affects player villages.

The night bonus is active for 8 hours and begins on the server hour chosen by the player. During beginner's protection changes to the night bonus will be immediately active. Once the beginner's protection ends, adjustments to the night bonus time frame are applied 14 days later. Changes to the time frame can't be made during a pending change.

After the previous time frame ends there will be 24 to 47 hours without protection before the new night bonus takes effect.

You can find the set time frame for every player at the player's profile and it will be indicated at the command confirmation screen.