No Robots Will Kill You Anymore. Yes You! :)


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Time for me 2 go. It has been fun all these years :)

I think I kept writing in some past posts of mine, that I will not get to "finish" this world ...

I made alot of friends and alot of enemies in this world. However, I hope you will all be okay in your Real Quest of Life ... Even those with a shrimp attitude :)

I thought about giving away my account to be piloted, but someone would noble 1.5k barbs -which is "Die Neue Mode" after coin prices fell- and that would just make me go crazy once again... :icon_neutral:

I will keep alot of you in my memory and my heart and wish those who will continue playing to the end, happy wars - should there be any more left 2 fight (to the usual barb noblers - internal eaters, happy growing :p)

As a small tribute to friends and foes, I will just mention some players who did get my full attention these past years:

Petra (highbookie pilot)
Echao (pilot)
Sir Mike Fisher

Was/Is a good game and world afterall :icon_cool:

robot over and out :xmas cool:
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robot... no!:c:icon_sad: this should never happen!!!!:icon_cry:


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A real bad day I will miss the robot :(
As you know I am here very rarely so for me to post I grieve for a W30 warrior :( hope we meet again robot

Bronse out :(


You scared that I'm nobling too close to you eh R2? :icon_cool:

But seriously, the world will really be more dull without you, honestly.
I'm unaware of what events have took place or whatever it was that made you quit, I'm truly sad to see you leave.
The real reason is never made public :icon_wink:

Anyways, take care man.

But were was SFC's mention?
I thought he was your boy?


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W30 will loss an aggressive player, one of those that prefer one thousand times to use nobles in enemy rather than barbs. One of those that wont stand up quiet seeing what was happening around without letting his opinion been known. I wish there were more like you in this world and that there existed a hyper aggressive tribe formed by those. But such is life, we not always receive what we wish, although I don't agree with the solution you gave to your disagreement, I truly understand you.
Keep in contact.


PS: Can I publish your picture now?


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Robot, please stay. Please, please, please. ;( Stay and help us to cross the finish line to the goal.

Sir Mike Fisher

if your not gonna stay, i won't plead for you to stay........but can i have the sit on your account......i wanna cause mayhem :)


I knew this day would come eventually... an icon of w30 is moving on.

It was a great pleasure playing on w30 with you R2 and I wish you the best in whatever you choose to pursue.

/me goes back into w30 retirement


Enjoy real life mate, and don't think of us too much! Was good chatting to you in this last little bit...

If anyone else who is currently attacking RAM would like to follow R2's lead then I will not stop you :icon_biggrin:


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Yeah, we know you over at RAM are having a party to think that you will be free of r2 and his nukes.

So, robot, why are you deleting ?


I'll take your account R2, I promise not to noble any barbs until BH gets close to rimming me


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I thank you all for posting @ my thread. I felt I had to just pop up and say that I am sorry I let some people down who thought I was going for the end of this endless game. The reasons are quite clear. Nobling of barbs was justified only for attack troops clustering or "securing the backlines" - even though the 2nd reason is not a valid one as you can easily booby trap any barb. But even many so called "mega players" keep it up just for the points. These players with very few exceptions (only 1 comes to my mind - niklam) contribute almost nothing to the great fights of this game. Leaderships simply do not care anymore. This game will last long. I just could not stick around anymore. My last campaign with the SouthEast Group of BH and Phoenx against shipley's account was a marvellous adventure and I thank for that my brothers in arms and the rival sitters of shipley. A good fight has been fought and will be remembered. Keep it up! Take all the shrimp vills !! :lol: No prisoners ! :icon_wink:

Just the way I like it when you get put on the list then you have to go an defend yourself 24/7 an then I can't go take a leak.:lol:
that just made me crack :lol: :lol: :lol:

Of course Phoenx has some of the most amazing players (I probably had to list them all, but I went for just 2 or 3) and a bad leader :lol: Bad as ... "Pappy" Boyington was :icon_cool: Only, he was more ... present in the Pacific :lol:

robot over and out <<< :xmas wink:


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that just made me crack :lol: :lol: :lol:

Of course Phoenx has some of the most amazing players (I probably had to list them all, but I went for just 2 or 3) and a bad leader :lol: Bad as ... "Pappy" Boyington was :icon_cool: Only, he was more ... present in the Pacific :lol:

robot over and out <<< :xmas wink:
Glad to see I made you break a servo laughing R2 have a good one an don't forget to write us dang warriors every once an a while.



Damn R2, sad to see you go.

I still had hoped to be able to fight in K56 against the shrimp with you ^^. I was moving closer.