Noble coins price


Well I have been absent from this dead forum for a while now ;)
But figured I should come back to post this,
We are at the end game war, and as we all know, we are gonna win (Rhythm)
at this time, W78 has 276 players, So 26 player count away from the 250 line which is supposed to mark the 1/5 noble coin price,
yet TW mod refused to even reduce them to the 1/4 price (which was suppose to happen when the world hit 500 player count)
So why?
why delaying us from reaching world dominance?
why not giving us what you gave other worlds?
Are TW suddenly looking after smaller tribes to prevent the world from ending faster?
or they just want to stall a world so that people buy more pp?
as a previous thread mentioned,
1000 players mean 1/2 price, 500 players mean 1/4 price, 250 players mean 1/5 price
that is our right, we spent countless hours on this world and we deserve our well earned rest after we reach 70%
I know this will be read by like 5 people, but I missed these dead forums :p


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Yeah reduce the damn price so we can all speed up we want our freedom!


Or farm like the rest of us to get your nobles. Worlds just about over and we still farm


who farms these days? real question is who logs these days