Noobs say the funniest things.


Inspired by Dey Synod. :lol:

Well, we've all been in our fair share of bad tribes with countless noobs, teaching them how to play, and/or dealing with random players mailing you.
What are some of the dumbest/funniest things you've heard a noob ask/tell you?


De Synod

Well then I guess I might as well get the ball rolling, I'm going to leave out most of the conversation as it might cause problems for the player involved. The original post was asking permission for him to attack a village. The player is only new to the game so I've tried to be as patient as possible with him. Don't know why he felt he needed to ask for permission to attack an inactive player but anyway.....

By the way I'd like to point out that my original quote referred to newbs as distinct from noobs. We've probably all asked stupid questions when we were starting out.

POST: From one of the tribal leaders
Lol Attack away, but give me the co-ords in case.
you mean the reports because I don't know the meaning of the word Co-ordinates ?
POST: From another tribe member

Why are you only starting to farm him now?
I don't have any nobleman for farming him!!but I steal lots of resources from him!
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Noob said:
i don't know what farming an enemy is
Well that was one of many...I delete alot of the forum topics so I gotta keep an eye out.
A simple reply made me laugh though from one of the barons.

Lol said:
oh my god


Hi i left my tribe hope you wont attack again thanks
I thought it was nice of him to let me know that he couldn't be supported after I'd already cleared him.


ashir you be raiding all the W40 General discussion threads lol


I'm bored dude.... W40 is like its asleep lol :)

It was funny though heres one guy I nobled;

"plz stop hitting me with axes i give you clay plz no more attcks i do ntoing pleese im innnocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was farming him but then I decided to put him out of his misery :)


i get messages like that all the time so i start talking to them

and ask them for cookies and stuff

1 guy recently tho scares me

his mail was titled: "GREETINGS my brother"
wolf rain2 on 03.08. at 22:30
what are you attack me?

plz sttop attack

u are my friend

rober116 on 03.08. at 22:51

btw your not me bro lool

wolf rain2 on 03.08. at 22:56
Can I know your best friend؟

rober116 on 03.08. at 22:57

wolf rain2 on 03.08. at 23:01

rober116 on 03.08. at 23:02
oh lol

wolf rain2 on 03.08. at 23:04
YES or NO my friend

rober116 on 03.08. at 23:04

wolf rain2 on 03.08. at 23:09
Thank you very very happy I did

wolf rain2 on 04.08. at 06:29
Can you please support me?

rober116 on 04.08. at 09:38
Carnt were not in the same tribe

wolf rain2 on 04.08. at 20:25
If someone attacked me I just want you to talk with him
So you just have one request

thank YOU

wolf rain2 on 04.08. at 21:21

Why did not respond?
he scares me lol i just agree with him


I swear I talked with him too, we declared war on his tribe because they had refugees running away, then they dismissed the refugees so I messaged him saying talk to my leader for a truce and shit. It turned out as me asking him if he knew how to speak English properly LOL well I was confused...


Oh, and I got bored once, so I sent hourly watchman a message asking how much gold coins he has to mint to get a noble LOL and he ignored it which made me LOL more. Also, NMS declared war on our then 2 million point tribe and our leader said to have some fun and told every member as an order to ask King of the Thunder the most stupid question you could think of lol I wrote do you like the taste of my shit LMAO

Edward M Cullen


you woke me up for that?

lol sorry, but yes we are


No but our tribes are so close its like father and son lol but we share forums

What you talkin bout ed your the one who beat me in the spam war >[ round 2 will be coming shortly my friend

Edward M Cullen

lol ash, now i feel like the idiot, i forgot you are over in ltw... i talk to you more than i do some of my cocouncil! lol

i thought the second round was last night between gml and yourself?


diacris21 today at 19:55
normally i wouldn't even mail numbnuts, but lol wth?!

dragonelle9 today at 21:51
the village will be mine and theres nothing u can do about it

diacris21 today at 22:46
rofl. Seriously just fell in-love with you.

This player sent a noble train at me and I wanted to know what was up.
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