Norway needs your help!


Greetings fellow tribalwars-players! In these dark times with people constantly leaving our oldschool game, I ask of you a favour to help out our new players on

Innogames obviously doesn't approve long lasting worlds on .no, and as a result of that we wont get 1,5x or 2x extra abandoned villages. This wouldn't be a problem if we had enough players on a regular basis to make the world big, but we are stuck with a low amount of players, resulting in an extremely small world. The newest of our players barely reach 1k points before their neighbour, that played the last 3-4 worlds and got 50k premium points, just simply runs them straight down. We need to give them some space and room to grow, and to make the world more interesting again. It's a bit of a concern when a player on the opposite side of the world only need approx 25-30 hours to your vill with nobles.

Since Innogames wont put any new world up with additional abandoned villages, I'll ask kindly if you got the time to register on .no, and start on W37. That would most certainly increase the size depending on how many we get goin' on this :).

Here's the link (And no, it's not a "recruit a friend")

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,