So W5 was my first world, and Nostalgia has brought me back to see how it's going.

It seems LFKD is dead, as is the poor HOPLON/SCI Family I was a part of.

Also from what I remember, TSE was a small chunk on the south west portion of the map. Seem to have spread like wildfire.

Anyone wanna update me to what has been happening :x


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Well, I haven't been here from the beginning, however, from what I understand, this is what happened:

Hoplon/Sci merged into VVV in an attempt to win. However, VVV could not hold the dominance. Through various Ops, Mass deletions, bans, and inactivity, VVV lost a ton of players. A little over a year ago based on TW Stats, VVV had around 500 million more points than TSE.


This seems a life ago, 7/8 years since this world started now? geez.


Potted history

LFKD merged into PK's who warred with TSE for a long time. Inactivity in there back line accounts lead to a merge with SCI. Bar a few players SCi were a lot weaker then the PK's guys in general. TSE allied with VVV against SCI. TSE started to take down SCi players VVV watched and watched and then invited what remained of SCI into VVV.

VVV had 66%+ of the player controlled villages.

TSE declare war on VVV for the backstab.

TSE by this point were vets, had coordinated well as a tribe v both PK's and SCI. VVV got slaughtered, they put a few ops but they were uncordinated and tended only to involve a few players.

TSE raped VVV villages, and from a low base rose to 70% dominance.

Note that TSE did not rate anyone in VVV so there were no mass recruitment or tribe hopping - it was a case of taking VVV down, player by player.