Nothing to see here...


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Oh wait...there is. Yip, that's right! I am your new mod.

I have played Tribalwars since the beginning of W7 (mid 2007) until the very end of the world. Been on the team about a year and a half now and moderate the W13 and W37 forums currently as well. I used to moderate the W41 forums but that world is now closed so my services are no longer needed there :icon_razz:

You know the score. I am not going to list rules like other mods do, I presume we are all sensible posters in here :icon_eek: In all seriousness make sure you are up to date with the rules and if it's been a wee while since you last read them then it would do no harm to have a quick glance over them again.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM or you can find me on skype.

Also a big Hai to everyone :icon_biggrin:

-Penguin :icon_cool:


Another mod. Hopefully we dont scare you away like we have others. :p


lol, we've had so many mods so far...we tend to scare them all away

Anyway, welcome, Penguin. Good luck dealing with the lunatics in this forum, including this guy *pointing to username on the side bar* ;P

Peter the Red

Woohoo, we finally got another mod! Glad to have you here Penguin11. What a day to get appointed as our mod too! Happy Halloween.


Lame ^^
Good to have you here Penguin. Welcome to the family.


lol, Serge, youre just asking for an infraction? Deliberately double-posting and swearing on purpose? lol, you really want to be the first person to get infracted by Penguin, arent you?

Peter the Red

Fraser...I'm glad you can get on here and be an idiot, but you can't hop on skype at all :/


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We don't have a good track record with mod's but I guess welcome and make yourself comfortable.


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I give ya 1 month.
Very accurate. Only mod that served a full term here and survived was MKC.

FNF got removed, Milly got removed, and our original elder, Kangaroom, is no longer around. (Though I like Green more anyways.)

So yeah, good luck but being on the team for a year and a half may not help you at all around these parts. They should just make us like off topica. Unmodded for the most part. :icon_cool:


Welcome another mod!

Try to stick here until new year atleast ,my good wishes are with you!