Now we can finaly go AFK!

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Today I stand here before you all as a proud duke!

As we stand here today on the brink of victory I would like to take a moment to thank all my tribemates who have put in their sweat and tears to get AFK to this point in time. I appreciate every single player that has taken time out of their day to sit someone, send a snipe or time a nuke! This was absolutely a team effort! AFK against world 118 if you will. From the beginning of this world we were declared on by many tribes, The potatoes even managed to rim our beloved previous duke @I-AM-GROOT (which was actually kinda funny ngl) We worked together with our good friends in Hero/Hate/Grim and removed multiple tribes off the map with just one or two well planned OP's.

We were racing against tribes like Ride and Spud to gain as much ground as we could with them trying to slow us down as much as they could. It was hard at times but eventually we got to front Ride. With them after only a few weeks with us on their border asking for a NAP and leadership trying to negotiate a spot in AFK. We gladly took this opportunity to hold off on the big war to gain more ground against Spud and the rim tribes. But after recruiting Llama and Finnick to the tribe the NAP was over and the time for the final war had come, The war we were all looking forward to very much! But to our dismay after catting down Dave and Omega Ride gave up... This meant that now we had pretty much won the world. And we took our sweet time to flag farm as much as we could while a few members got us those final few percent.

I think the Uber support rule saved our asses and is in my opinion one of the best settings I have seen in Tribalwars! It really makes you dependent on your tribe which is really great when you have one like AFK!

I really hope that everyone in this world had as much fun as I did, and I hope to see you all in future worlds!

Thank you all so much,

Special thanks go out to Lucaz, Rut, Jup, Otto, Jacob and Marcus. Without them, this all wouldn't have happened! (best council ever!)


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