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Obligatory externals thread for every war of the world.

Anyways here's the declaration:
Into the snake's eyes I looked deeply within
I saw not hate or evil or any deadly sin
I saw fear and terror from a creature that wanted to survive
And all that it wanted to do was just to stay alive
It curled itself around my arm as though ready to fight
But did it do it out of anger or did it do it out of fright
As the snake has been cursed since the beginning of time
Because of a deed of its relative and its father's past crime
Since that day the snake has been killed and cursed
Evils and sins of the snake we all have been immersed
So once again I looked into that snakes deadly eyes
I still couldn't see sin or evil or even a devilish disguise
So I released that snake on the ground and it slithered away
I wished peace upon it and then for my judging I did pray.

- Randy McClave

Today is the day of which we take one of many small steps toward the end of this world, but this step is more important than the rest, for this could be the last.
As the two remaining giants clash, NSA versus ANA, there seem to be no return and who takes this war will be the contester for the win.

I'm going to be transparent from line 1. The reason the NAP ended was due to us. NSA broke an agreement and it ended our relation.
Do I regret it happening the way it did? Yes.
Do I think, in hindsight, it was a mistake?
Not necessarily.

We were getting more and more pushed into a corner. We had an NAP agreement to where taking out ODIN was the #1 agreement and priority. As we sat watching ANA take more and more free RIM villages by the day, push their trains deep towards our front, nobling across ODIN to take villages on our NSA-ODIN/NSA-RIM front, it was very clear that ANA didn't care too much about getting rid of ODIN any more and would rather set up for an even easier late game. Having twice the amount of villages as us at that point wasn't enough.

Can I blame them? For wanting to win the world more than getting rid of a toxic player? Of course not. Who doesn't want that fancy "vanquished world 99 with <tribe>" achieve on their profile? Looks very neat!

There was a clear sign that the ANA-NSA NAP wasn't going to last for much longer. We couldn't just sit and watch as ANA sprinted the inside track gaining more ground on us day by day, no matter how much we wanted to take out ODIN.
It was unfortunate it ended the way it did, but it was bound to happen nevertheless.

So here we are. The beginning of the end. The recently situated, but highly anticipated ANA versus NSA war.
I can not say anyting other than good luck. To everyone involved. It may be sad we already reach end game war, that everyone we've met soon might disappear, but it's also exciting as this will be big. Nevertheless, I hope to see you all jerk off in discord with me until the end and beyond.

Many thanks for allowing me this declaration.
Barry B Benson

I hope for lots of friendly banter and many mocking memes to come!
I guess the "real" war starts when ANA is done nobling afks and internals and start trying to cap actual targets (so far all has gone splatty splat), so I guess stats before then mean nothing ;):rolleyes:
Nevertheless, here's war stats so far! (1st of October 09:30)

Conquers: 42
Points gained: 375.136
ODA: 11.034.772

Conquers: 170
Points gained: 1.516.134
ODA: 21.657.910
ODD: 26.925.707