Nuke Builds and Opinions

Discussion in 'World 47' started by Lions Pride, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Is anyone here using about 200 cats? perfectly to cat down farms and so on in mass attacks?
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    I do in a few random O villages but mostly in D
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    Jul 29, 2008
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    i saw a T.E.C nub who builds 50 rams and 400 cats in each nuke
  4. okay.. I wondres every time I log on, how threads like this can keep getting so much attention.

    This might blow your mind.. watch out... (please log off if you have weak nerves)


    you simply can´t look at a build and say "that is the best"

    The things you need to consider:

    1- Buildtime vs streangh

    Do you want to make the fastest possible nuke or def. or do you want it to be as effective as possible, regardless of the time to build it.

    if you choose the first option, then good, your TW life will be much easier and fun ;)
    if you choose the second, you might want to do some reaserch.
    go to TW-stats and look up how many units there are of each and do some math about what you most likely will encounter when you attack/get attacked and look through your reports to comapre to your findings and ajust your build acordingly.

    if you DON´T do the fastest nuke you can build, then try to do some math here aswell.

    let´s say... what is the build time for hmm. 100 nukes of the slow building, supposely "better/stronger" nuke?
    and how many "fast nukes" can you make in that time.

    now comes the fun part,
    you have already done some reaserch about unit stats, so you "know" what you most likely can hit, when you throw out a nuke. use these numbers as def. and see how many troops you kill per nuke, hitting a full vill, a vill with 2 vills of D and a vill with 3,4, 5, n vills of D.

    Calculate, in %, how many more "fast nukes" you can build.

    Calculate, in %, how many more troops your "slow/stronger" nukes can kill, compared to your fast nukes.

    now, compare the % of these two calculations.

    can you kill more troops, in %, than you can build nukes??

    When you know this, the discussion should end pretty fast! (for nukes)

    2- Def. troops:

    First you need to make up your mind, are you under attack or are your villages safe.

    if you are at war/under atack, in a rebuild fase, then you should go for the fastest Def. compared to what you have calculated (above) you are beeing attacked with.

    HC ofcourse this should be building all the time, workshop... likewise, this is even better in enhanced pally weapon worlds.

    and last... spears??? yes,, that is defo the fasted footsoldier to build, but is it the best?

    Now, remember, you are at war, so you can NOT calculate with a full village when making up your mind what to build, you should make up your mind, from what D is the fastest to build, compared to what you are beeing attacked with.

    If you are building HC and cats. then swords is out the window for sure. but try calculate your def numbers from a buildtime of,, say 24 or 48 hours, or even 5 days. most likely, you will find, that archers is the way to go. even though the are slower to buid, in a short timespan, they can give you a better def.

    remember, this is for wartime, when REBUILDING troops.

    in peacetime:
    stronger/slower def? or fast/less effective def?

    Well, see arguements above for nukes.

    PLUS.... when you get a full village, you can start to mint coins. more coins = more vills= more troops.

    so now you have to take the accumulated vills/troops you can make with a fast build into your calculation aswell.

    so, to cut it short. faster = better = more fun.
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    lol @ VH thinking he knows what he is talking about :p I will only take advice from JJ
  6. It is just what is everyone's favourite.. Do you want a fast build or a strong build.. VH you just wasted your time posting this... That was posted in every world over and over...
  7. yeah, you should ;) *L*

    I know, I guess I just had a few mins to spare and the thread irritated me *L*
    (espc when it was part of the contest for most posts)
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    I agree with VH here, there is no such thing as the best nuke. It all depends what you are attacking. For instance do a sim on a catt village with 2500 catts and bonfire with a level 20 wall. Against 6800axe 3100lc and 250 catts, It will take 5 nukes to clear.

    Now substute 4200lc and 600ram with ram pally as 1st nuke and see how many it takes now. So its always good to keep a few catt killer nukes handy on a catt world,
  9. I also agree with VH, when I posted my nuke I just posted the one I train most often, I don't use 100% of that nuke. It depends hugely on what kind of defensive troops I'm going up against. If theres cats + bonfire go with heavy LC nukes, if they have a ton of Archers defending then send a nuke with a large number of MA's.

    I don't mean that I scout people, look at their defensive troops and then wait a week to train a nuke and then attack them, I just train a variety of nukes, I take my standard nuke and tweak it a little and honestly if I go up against a usual defensive village the different nuke build won't make THAT much of a difference. But If i were to go up against a village with weak defensive stats against what my nuke is mainly composed of it will be worth the extra day of training time...

    Paladin weps can also change what kind of nukes people build, obviously...

    I just find it extremely dumb when people criticize others on their nuke build because honestly people train what works best for them, and i'm sure that the person training the nuke doesn't train EVERY SINGLE ONE of their nukes to the same exact number. What civicgod was going on about earlier in this thread - I thought it was extremely stupid and was a waste of time and energy to even read, the only reason I did was because it amused me and i got a few laughs out of it.
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    Don't be a tard. The best nuke is 214/219 rams added to as many axes as you can possibly make.

    Sure it takes longer to build, but it is the best nuke. Is it the best option? Now that's a different matter.
  11. Rudegar

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    219 rams sucks

    it knocks a size 20 wall down if theres no troops in the village

    if theres no troops in the village you want to send nobles and 0 rams

    if theres troops in the village you need more rams to knock the wall down anyway

    axes are great if your opponent only builds spears
  12. Statistically, yes, axe builds are the strongest (though I disagree on the rams, 230 at least should be added imo). However, those stats aren't realistic whatsoever, and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

    I agree with VH's post completely. :3
  13. civicgod

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    maybe you should read what i say more carefully, before trying to make false accusations.
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    @Von Hallander - For the most part you hit it right on the nose. There is no perfect build, only perfect builds for perfect situations

    However, I disagree with some of your finer points, mainly about the defensive strategies. When you are under attack and you need to replace defensive troops immediately, then you should not be building archers, you should be building spears. Mostly because if all you build is archers and HC you are losing 5 points of cav defense per unit off the bat. Then consider that the archers require about twice as long to train as spears, and that means you are losing another 45 points of cav defense per unit trained while producing an abundance of general defense. Anyone hitting you with cav heavy nukes(which is any one who even attempts a quick build) will be doing extra damage they should not be doing to you.

    As for the peacetime strategy, if you have the time to build the strongest possible defense to fit the style of play you choose, then that is what you should be building.
  15. well, I did say you should compare to what you are beeing attack with and the stats you have dug up on twstats.
    if you are hit by fast nukes, well ballanced, like 6500 axe and 3300 LC, then for a 24 hour build, you will kill about 90 more troops with spears, compared to archers.
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    You are focusing too hard on numbers rather than what counts most, the ability to run an efficient and effective defense.

    First, in a well run defense you will always be losing HC at a faster rate than any other troop because you can shift them around better. This means that those villages that are losing HC while out of range for HC grow steadily weaker in general defense. Accordingly, building archers mitigates those losses while keeping your villages from getting to unbalanced.

    Second, in a well run defense you will not be letting stacks die at low wall. This probably means you will be keeping most villages over 50% pop. In this situation, and particularly when you are taking low enough losses to be well ahead on the attrition curve, the slower build time of archers is not a big deal.

    Third, if you are getting beaten down then archers are still a better emergency choice, simply because you can snipe with them until you are strong enough to be able stack defenses again. While spears should still be built, archers sufficient for sniping should be build first.

    In short, archers are a good choice for topping off defenses that are slightly banged up and even more important to have built right away as sniping troops when defenses are wiped out.
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    For Offensive Nukes, take out your Excel and you will discover that the strongest unit on a per recruit time, per farm space, per resources consumed basis, you will find the axe is the best. Since you need LC for farming, it is best to build as many LC you need for effective farming. They are strong offense too. MC are totally worthless on offense, and ok but no better than spears and swords when compared on a per cost, farm space and resource basis. I never use them except of a village I noble is set up to make them... then I might make a few just to impress my opposition.
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    I know it's a little late, but here goes my prospective. When at war it doesn't really matter on "certain/specific" troop counts. Even if you are building SP/HC, or trying to take things slow, you are going to be forced out of that situation. When war comes, you need troops made quickly, therefore you rush HC/SP, and you build as many troops as possible. Builds often appear with some variation, especially when in the war time period.:icon_twisted: