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The NAM bunch basically bullied FB to the point where he doesn't want to touch this server anymore.
There was 3 of us who was a little harsh with FB, myself 1 golden and 1 that I don’t believe played in either (unless he was golden but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t) We all played together under the name Riot! So that comment is not only incorrect but completely irrelevant

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what lies did I make?

my post has all the evidence in it.
Interesting. Allow me to post some context for you when you accuse me of planning to backstab Beast.

So the context of this starts here. I think this is one of endless examples of why we don't want Bond or Crocky in our tribe, imagine this but generally worse every time they open their mouth. They have nothing good to say whatsoever.

Bond and Crocky are having their most recent gripe, which pretty much consists of being opposed to us attacking Rhythm, where we took 70 villages and secured a key defensive position for Code. Anyways, Bond has decided he's go act on his own when we told people specifically not to do anything aggressive vs them until we wanted to fight and catapult the diplomat of Misery provoking them into catapulting him back and then whining on the skype chat. He whines on the skype chat not because the catapults actually mattered, but because it's just an excuse to whine and have a go at his tribe and tribemates. No-one else actually cares about being attacked too much other than Crocky and Bond, we just have to hear them complain endlessly. Meanwhile Crocky has just stupidly overextended on the Misery front whilst he knows we are attacking Rhythm because the villages are there to take. In general, though we end up defending them fine, they are just unnecessarily wasting tribal resources. In general it is all about them and they do not consider the context of the tribe.

So here's crocky and bond whining about this (this is only a small excerpt, they have done this many a time):

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 20.27.14.png

Of course what Bond said utter nonsense and never happened or ever even had a slight chance of happening. At this point Malreaux has had a few recap wars from villages we took off Chaty and a weak Misery player, but is net ahead, Crimsoni has not lost a single village after an Op on him mainly thanks to the main player on the account being an utter tank. They do this on purpose to stir shit. This is typical of Bond and Crocky.

Slightly offtopic, but to give an idea of how awful Crocky's decision making is:

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A few minutes later, it is not myself but Bond that suggests to backstab people:

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 20.28.19.png

When you look at it in this context, we are dismissing a guy who is suggesting we backstab our ally. I'm pretty much just taking the piss out of the fact that he's whining about being catted and then suggesting we backstab the tribe who uses cats the most. It's pretty clear I'm not even taking this even slightly seriously.

Even further down:

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 20.28.31.png

See the problem is, context destroys your arguments, all of them. We only ever had two guys like this in our tribe, I'm glad they are gone.


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All that and yet everyone knows you plan to backstab beast rip, as for the skype quotes of me? go open another war front while having one already? great leadership yep. defensive position? you went along and napped odz then and told members to hand up villages over it rofl ya that's a great defense.

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EDIT #2: @Malreaux, Historically, speaking your account has flopped at midgame when the pressure is on.

I'm not by any means saying you are "bad" at TW, but based on your trash talking and comments here you can't really put your money where your mouth is. We will see how things pan out for you long term in w100.
HOORAY!!! Malreaux is gone! Happiest day in w100 for me!

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isn't shayd like the most hated guy on tw? I cant compete with that just yet
For the podcast to be any good I need to stay neutral :)
But don't be modest, you'd fit right in I think. I already had reactions on Skype about how good of an idea this is. You have a mic right? Maybe even a cam?


For the podcast to be any good I need to stay neutral :)
But don't be modest, you'd fit right in I think. I already had reactions on Skype about how good of an idea this is. You have a mic right? Maybe even a cam?
I'm poor and actually don't, but I suppose I could invest if its gonna be some banter :O

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heard the word a lot but still don't know what podcast is :S I'm so behind
It's just a video chat or audio chat with a group that discusses various topics (this would clearly be TW related) sometimes they are political or educational in nature and usually some commentary.

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I been trying to read what this thread is all about and reading what you guys wrote and the way you argue with each other , just makes me laugh and want to say , why don't you all shut the hell up and stop acting like little kids really it's pathetic