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I’ve been offered an account that is in the Top 20, just so everyone knows I personally don’t believe in an account that has achieved what I desire on an account so I’m going to seek an account with the following terms and conditions that match my standards:

1) Which tribe doesn’t matter, as long as the account has plenty of time to grow peacefully for a while until it gets its chance on a war frontline where we can get caps.

2) Must have a fantastic farming location because I love to farm, shape and try to improve the accounts efficiency levels of growth.

3) Account must be within Rank 50-250 because I love joining an account who will enjoy the time we spend together, so I will expect an account owner who has a sense of humour and potential frontline for me to enjoy playing on.

4) Your growth statistics don’t bother me, if I see great potential on your account then I’ll enjoy playing with ya for sure.. just amuse me and I’ll love ya even more ;)

5) Must accept the fact I’ll change the builds of troops and buildings to maximise efficiency of the account. I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I know what to do to make an account reach the top level without dumping a tonne of premium to get it there, my previous stats will prove that.

6) If you have a lot of inventory items (resource packages are my personal favourite) then I’ll be most likely to join the account due to having a great advantage to others.

7) I’m more than willing to accept leadership roles and high roles of the opportunity arises, I lead a tribe before and I did a great job in giving it that defensive balance and calmness to the tribe.. mentally of how players view the game is a great component, I like to find a player similar to how I view the game.

8) Will I PP farm for the account on other worlds? Yes, if I love the account and getting constant attacks then I will do anything to stay OD scores is what I play for especially as defender. I love an account constantly under fire when is war ready.

9) If the account has a reputation of spending a tonne of premium then I will expect it to use it on events because I’m not a fan of wasting premium, I’ll help ya enjoy the game and help ya avoid waiting unnecessarily because that hurts me a lot (I’m sure you too but not knowing about it lol).

10) I expect the account owner(s) to respect my online times as i will respect theirs a lot. I am happy and a proud man to say I’ll be a father next month to my beautiful daughter who is my first ever child.. honestly there are players who expect everyone to throw their life into this game which is very unfair so yea I promise I’ll give you as much as possible to feel my impact on your account.. I’m here for the amazing chats, the fantastic wars together and amazing moments we can share via calls if I get time :)

11) The account owner skill level doesn’t matter, if they can perform timings when necessary and defend well when I’m offline then I’ll be pleased with how ya play. Just don’t hide from me and expect me to do it all, it’s not fair on me to do it all, share the burden.. I expect account sits to be taken to help teamplay where necessary.

There’s my terms and conditions, I’ll look forward to accepting playa playas in mail, just remember this is a game for entertainment not for personal bragging rights as thats pretty sad..

Skype: gotnoname_tw

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