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Here is the Discussion Thread,

Have really been looking forward to world 84, lets make it a good one :)

Thanks Everyone,

The Scientist.

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Looks like a pretty creative staff, I too am looking forward to it. Only suggestion I have to make is you have to add a chuck norris joke in there somewhere. Or it would simply just not draw my attention :icon_biggrin:

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Very good first post for your blog. It came across as very proffesional. And I do like that personal touch from everyone that makes you feel like you know just a bit about the players in question. I usually stay away from the externals these days but seems like I'll have to visit it more if topics like this pop up.

Keep up the good work!


Woo! cant wait for some bias weekly updates/Ego boasting fun!
LoL I can relate... XD ^_^ I'm guessing you're over 200-300k loots by now Kristina?

EDIT: BTW, I like this thread. ^_^ Blogs are great! I like to read em ^^

EDIT 2: Might want to locked the official blog thread and at the bottom, put a link over here, the official blog discussion thread. In that way, you'll be sure no one comments on the official blog thread. And it's better to make it sticky; the official blog thread. Very awesome job btw, Darren and the rest of the Blog Team! Kudos! and Cheers Mates! ^_^ Love the blog opening and would love to see more of it! I think world 84 would be a kind of different world for others. I hope so. Lots of nukes in-game and on the externals on the future! ^^

EDIT 3: BTW, Here is my suggestion. Please also do a Random Blog of Tribes/Players not just on the Top 10 or 20 as most other bloggers do. Example, Lowest point player, lowest point tribe, most ODT, ODD, ODA and interview plots and ploy. Small Group of Player Tribes, Tribe Family/Academies, Wars, Skirmishes, Border/Continental Wars, Strategy and Tactics each Top Tribe or Surviving Tribe uses. Etc. Etc. To make things colorful and beautiful and have more insight of the game, tribes and players alike.

Just a suggestion. ^^
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So biased it's unreal :icon_rolleyes: I'm messing good work and looking forward to it :icon_biggrin: