Official Decloration of War

Discussion in 'World 46' started by TollxBooth, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. TollxBooth

    TollxBooth Guest

    Due to the lack of leadership Kid and company has shown regarding their mis management of Twist, and their ability to push away the people who work hard for them, Old Skool is officially declaring war on Twist.

    For the couple of friends i have in Twist, my apologies, but i cannot fight anymore for people who do not respect the ones who have been there

    Some think that this is a definition of being a traitor.....i say their are idiots and dont understand what that word means

    The last time i checked, i did not have a brand on my ass saying "Twist", therefore, due to free will, ive decided it was in my best interest to leave and have fun

    And no, this is not a "leaving the world" move as Kid likes to think it is. My style, and what i require to have fun in this game, is very simple:

    Aggressive style who longs to play alongside other aggressive players who dont make excuses, dont whine, and have a common goal plus leadership that chooses active warriors over beginner noobs

    Twist has a couple of these players, but not enough to be a strong tribe....and the leadership does not recognize who actually helps, and who doesnt

    Therefore twisters.....please dont whine. I wont. Its a game.

    Time for fun. 1 against 91

  2. Itchynakas

    Itchynakas Guest

    Nice bud told ya exactly where i was but maybe you pushed it a little too far now.
    I have been fighting your cause for last 2 days and bringing it to externals leaves me no choice now i guess bud,
    Good luck and game on
  3. ampatriot

    ampatriot Guest

    Itchy, the real test to where you stand is here. If you leave the Twisted failure, there may still be hope for you. Tollx has made his choice, and will clearly stick by it. I expect to see him do quite well against twist, even though he's in the middle of their territory. It'll be an even greater embarassment to the Twist noobs when a single player hands their asses to them on a platter.
  4. Itchynakas

    Itchynakas Guest

    Well you have your wish but i ain't standing with toll i am gonna rape him them leave this mad world,
    Or i may leave even sooner, too many dumb people here for my liking.

    Nice effort though buffy or i guess sitter keep trying it's only a 250 nuke loss.
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  5. Marcus the Mad

    Marcus the Mad Contributing Poster

    Sep 2, 2010
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    Do I have to officially declare on the barbs? :p
  6. TollxBooth

    TollxBooth Guest

    Only when the barbs mismanage their ability to get nobled
  7. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    Interesting indeed..
  8. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    Side 1:
    Players: TollxBooth
    Side 2:
    Tribes: Twist!

    Timeframe: Last 24 hours

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 46
    Side 2: 131
    Difference: 85


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 44
    Side 2: 3
    Difference: 41


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 430,602
    Side 2: 891,984
    Difference: 461,382


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 411,993
    Side 2: 27,452
    Difference: 384,541

  9. kaner189

    kaner189 Guest

    ha love this, be interesting to see how twist now deals with this issue
  10. TollxBooth

    TollxBooth Guest

    Side 1:
    Tribes: -OSk-
    Side 2:
    Tribes: Twist!

    Timeframe: Forever

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 102
    Side 2: 61
    Difference: 41


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 929,487
    Side 2: 543,259
    Difference: 386,228

  11. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    It appears there was little change then over the last 24 hours. Villas will be shifting back and forth for a little bit
  12. open mind

    open mind Guest

    Good job Toll:icon_wink:
  13. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    A single player is tearing you guys up. A good player, but a single player nonetheless.

    [spoil]Side 1:
    Tribes: -OSk-
    Side 2:
    Tribes: Twist!

    Timeframe: Last month

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 214
    Side 2: 6,073
    Difference: 5,859


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 153
    Side 2: 102
    Difference: 51


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 1,625,926
    Side 2: 36,557,617
    Difference: 34,931,691


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 1,407,712
    Side 2: 921,005
    Difference: 486,707


  14. chachiINcharge

    chachiINcharge Contributing Poster

    Jan 9, 2010
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    as good as it is to see someone stepping out of the box again... Toll is just one player, even if it is the stubborn Toll. Maybe if Itchy starts another Voddy rant, he might join him... now that would make a dent lol
  15. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    Itchy has been involved in the attacking of Toll, so I don't think Toll is very happy with him :p.

    Although Itchy+Toll vs Twist! would be very hilarious
  16. ampatriot

    ampatriot Guest

    Yeah it really would! I thought that itchy might join toll for a bit.. he's never been too happy with the nubs that are leading Twist.

    Itchy would be a great addition to the dark side.. as long as he brings the voddy ;)
  17. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    This topic can be closed since Toll has joined the dark side ;)
  18. LarryIV

    LarryIV Guest

    As can be read on toll's profile...war ended cause you were out of troops and are about to get your as handed to you. Impressive stats considering how many backline villages you nobled that were completely empty trying to protect our front. Nothing surprises me anymore in TW though..ppl will do anything to anyone on here.

    [SPOIL]Final numbers for 13 day, 10 hr war. OSk vs Twist

    Rank Name Tribe Conquered villages Lost villages Defeated opponents while attacking Defeated opponents while defending
    1 TollxBooth -OSk- 197 160 22.776.425 26.743.555
    2 xdarkskyx Twist! 54 143 7.364.005 10.649.693
    3 -tty- Twist! 12 0 4.054.334 51.825
    4 robby reindeer Twist! 22 23 3.539.093 420.081
    5 Itchynakas Twist! 4 0 2.581.047 3.790.927
    6 LarryIV Twist! 10 0 1.715.765 0
    7 Drunk SS Twist! 16 0 1.571.651 57.198
    8 Ogremagi Twist! 5 0 765.497 420.869
    9 mirnov7 Twist! 4 3 624.862 3.063.667
    10 johnarlene Twist! 5 4 436.705 3.730.717
    11 Kidicarus1 Twist! 1 0 432.023 102.089
    12 waitakaruru Twist! 0 0 431.362 0
    13 wasdss Twist! 3 0 299.947 0
    14 A@shik Twist! 12 18 182.934 1.604.366
    15 Twist! 0 0 164.339 243.312
    16 Mordus1 Twist! 2 2 135.132 405.380
    17 carlhd Twist! 0 0 121.196 0
    18 Zamuthz Twist! 3 0 82.201 0
    19 fuel-t4nk Twist! 4 0 73.583 0
    20 13bsigma Twist! 2 0 42.257 250
    21 nixonokonos Twist! 0 0 11.133 0
    22 KTM09 Twist! 1 0 403 0
    23 panzeric Twist! 0 0 178 0
    24 natasha0112 Twist! 0 0 1 96
    25 BriRaven Twist! 0 0 1 0
    26 krishna82 Twist! 0 0 0 1.236.460
    27 Gangula (disbanded) 0 1 0 0
    28 faridzman Twist! 0 3 0 501.178
    29 WillBHere Twist! 0 0 0 71
    30 Saqquara Twist! 0 0 0 20.463

    I think i won lol

    No Sitter

    No outside defense

    Played < 2 hrs a day

    Good shiite!


    Strange that tsl would take you in. Surely you are going to hurt the stats. Don't they realise when the tough get going, so does toll? I have heard all about our past history when you were dukes for other tribes in this world. Wasn't going to mention them because I thought you had a little bit of class left. Just a game though, and the stakes are higher yet again.
  19. ragephizit

    ragephizit Guest

    Stats mean so little. We know who is on the back foot and that is all that matters.
  20. TollxBooth

    TollxBooth Guest

    So making things up Larry, eh?

    Lets get a couple of your assumptions straight

    The two tribes i led on this world, neither time did i abandon ship. I never went MIA. I never got sat. I played all the way through. My first tribe though was comprised of about 70 friends from a previous MMOPG, and a lot over the time eventually decided they didnt like the game and left. Tribe collapsed after ~1+ year. My second tribe was doing alright, but ended up getting beat like a drum by 1337 (i think).

    Neither time left....played till i couldnt play anymore. Not my style to leave like some in twist

    Now lets clarify having no troops

    That part is ridiculous. i STILL dont have even one DV coming from my new mates, and checking my last 24 hrs, ive gained back some of the ground i lost the last 2 days. Looking at how horrible you guys do a coordinated effort, NOW i understand why you cant do anything against TSL.

    As an example. I had over 6000 incomings from you all....but the typical situation was one person catting something like iron, another one rally point, and then trains from 3 different people


    And lets talk about backline, can we?? I didnt start attacking dark till day 7 of my declaration. Robby day 10. I was already +30 prior to attacking them. Where was the support? Where was anything for these two. HAD i done a sneak attack, you would have been obliterated, not just beat....but i dang near did the attack in a gentlemens sort of way

    End of day, you, Kid and many others are cut from a cloth that i am not. i know how to play the game, but i had been very clear from day 1 this was a play around world. All you have to do is look at my stats on .net. I am #3 on total enemy caps on w11

    But, you all have challenged me, and well, this game can get quite boring so now i have something to make it fun

    So end of day, your worthless attacks have only taken vills i dont want, and i have grown and grown, and well....ya'll are screwed now. Better figure out how to play this game quickly....cause once i DO get DV's in from my new mates, its all she wrote for ya'll