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I have a question about the player maps.

The faster noblers map seems very flawed to me. Shipley started on the 18th of December, 2008 and has 805 villages. My account was started on the 11th of February, 2009, I have 828 villages. How is it that he is on the fastest noblers map and I am not?

I've gained more villages in a shorter amount of time.

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cause he got banned (unjustly) and got a fair portion of his account barbed, but the nobles were refunded.

Thus, some of his account is him re-nobling his losses.

Notice how he has made 973 conquers and 11 losses. If this were accurate, he would have 962 villages.

The tw nobling maps doesn't take nobling your own barb losses into account - its not perfect


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Can we get a new map there? Schietstoel? Cal? SFC :) ?

Make sure you are sober when you make one, as I keep seeing double BH's !!! I need cofee ! Fast! :icon_biggrin:

robotrobot outout :xmas rolleyes::xmas rolleyes:


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A good lesson: How to have the troops of number one but without getting the hate of being number one.


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haha thats just because you know the curse of number 1. i double dare you guys to take number 1 and see how popular you are :p

Being #1 isn't what has made W30 top tribes unpopular.

Being #1 while arrogantly trumpeting how great you are and how everyone else sucks and can't compare to your tribe.....that is what has made tribes unpopular. Sure, people get jealous of success, but it is arrogance and self-aggrandizement that have made tribes hated. Oh, that and lying. It's all about the attitude, baby. So much for the "curse of number 1".