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Boy this thread has gone off track, what does any of this have to do with maps


... nor the fact he was going to give villages to cece ... villages that would go against our stats. we have more honor and loyalty than that, BH....
Trust and honor have been said that have nothing to do with this game... that makes me smile. DECIDE was based on that and it's not a coincidence that the strong bonds that we developed there are still alive and stronger than ever, even being us split between the 2 top tribes. DECIDE ppl, from PNX and BH, knows well what happened with Tan. Also, it's not a coincidence that the 2 top ODA in this world are DECIDE players and now that ODA is playing an important role in the war against BH.

Few weeks ago, BH actions confirmed us that we had made the right choice when we decided not to join them, they weren't a tribe of honor. In the other hand, PNX actions confirm us that they are similar to DECIDE, a tribe based on honor. When Tan posted his intentions for his villages, no one said nothing against it, we all valued more honor than stats or whatever.

For those that continue thinking that honor has nothing to do with TW, go ahead, you can have your own opinion. My personal experience of 4 yrs here say the opposite. At the end, lack of honor is the reason why we are not in BH, honor is the reason why we stay in PNX, and PNX having us will be the reason why BH will die under our nukes :axemen::axemen::axemen:... enough words, back to removing BH players...


man you guys have to toot your horns in every thread and derail everything as i said i spoke to tan and sorry he said a differnet story. and ask around luis im very honorable about things alot more so then your self proclaimed tw god for a duke just ask the decide players in bh they will tell you anyways stop derailing topics to toot your horn


Few weeks ago lack of honor is the reason why we are not in BH, honor is the reason why we stay in PNX, and PNX having us will be the reason why BH will die under our nukes :axemen::axemen::axemen:... enough words, back to removing BH players...
i see a hole in this logic :icon_razz: you guys didnt joined BH with others because :icon_rolleyes: well i think you guys didnt liked BH

if i was retha i was nuking u after a week of them joining and u 2(3) not :icon_cool:

honour has little to do with the problem in my eyes

it was like that game
hide and we search you.... they gave u 3 a good advance to move down south
ok most peoples never thinked this will happen :)
some might have planned or pushed for this but hey....
after all its a war game for us all.

source of ur incomings can be found in
1) you 3 not joining BH
2) ur feelings for some past and present enemies.
3) "if u are not with me ur against me"
4)i dont know little details but what was said on forums
so i dont think the church problem was mentioned when the nap was made in the first place
5)peoples jumped inside u 2 churches down south to provoke u i guess.
yes i would have bullied peoples too if i was cham :)
6) sending atacks clearly on BH players made Bh think u guys are ready to break ur word..

If Bh had no honour u guys wouldnt have had the chance to grow and gain so much ODA during the period from DECIDE till today.

If you ask me Rethae kept u 2 boys in here arms so long that made me think u guys work for here :>
While Wildcats passed a lot of slack on this problem just to keep everyone happy.
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Ok everyone. This is called the Map Thread, it is meant for Maps and discussion about maps. Any other talk is off topic and will be infracted. So consider this a warning. Everyone has other thread to talk about PnP, so keep them there.


Green revolution

This is a map of the smaller tribes left in world 30 excluding family tribes involved in war and tribes with less than 2 villages I might have missed some tribes unfortunately due to size. I also noticed none of the original top tribes are still around



i dont see why they just invite everyone into one tribe and be over with it. :icon_twisted:


well guess you have never played a world where they really believed in fighting it out to see who wins.


we're not huggers on this world an we made dang sure of that by removing all huggers from this world on day one so we wouldn't be disgraced by them an have a taint of a hugger on us.


W30 is not like newer worlds. Tw has gone downhill in terms of the newer worlds. way too many huggers. Just 2 weeks ago my tribes ally on 67 offered us a merger. Why? Because 90% of the top 10 had did it and they wanted to keep up.. *facepalm* Just hope the mods realize and do something about it before all the good players worth mentioning quit due to it all.