[Official] My Rant.

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My opinion is the TW team and admins have done an extremly BAD job (No Offense to them) But it's true!

If you they wish to be famous and be active with lots of players then it must be allowed to play on both worlds. Therefore avoiding hassle from us and getting enough time to occupy yourself with upgrading TW website more and maybe upgrading a few of the current worlds and even research new ones even if the current ones do fill up quickly for example i play W2, It got full up so now there's wars everywhere and there's only like 3k players left, Wy don't you re-open that world till it's full again? Ok no offense again but if a world was as you call FULL then nearly 1k players would be occupying K1 to K20 and K90 to K99.

If you get what i mean. It would have the whole world proper full with players instead of just using 10 continants and then exclaim it's full and you must open a new world. My next opinion is to open some current worlds and then it would give you some more time to research new worlds PLUS you'll be gaining extra money from the new players joining the current worlds.

I hope every player that reads this get's my point. It may not sound,Look or seem instresting but as i am not fully grown i think that was well worth my opinion.



Hhmm.. That's weird.. Why open an old world where there is already players who have a thousand villages.. Just like an ant fighting an elephant..
That makes me cry.. Because I think ants are cute.. :icon_cry:


yeah it would be pointless to join an old world, after BP ends youd be gone...


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You can say what you want, but they do what they seem as best option. And for them this was the best option, you have no idea what goes behind the decisions. It's not all money, you greedy people.
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