Official Phoenx Statement


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Have to say Caly and I do not get upset with you guys doing what you should be doing even if we are getting pounded. :icon_biggrin:


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N1H, NB, LoEN vs Phoenix

come on everybody, you know you want to :D

Paj loves this world, he's only getting upset because the end seems so near! Give him a battle worth fighting!!! :D

S1cky Dutch

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"A battle worth fighting" ? lol that's been a loooooong time.The only thing we still talk about is Lapatuska and Arasd, those 2 really messed some shit up lol.


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Lapa and arasd, phenomenal duo... DRIFT launching 100s of cat nukes, and those two with HC nukes on the frontline... only time I've ever been rimmed on TW was after a few months of going toe to toe with them.


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Defeating Nakoro? You needed the Hench to make it work :) World 6, what insanity to even discuss it XD