Official trash talk thread


What are you all talking about, being in elite tribes? I'm so elite, I don't need a tribe.


No Worries Man.

Hope you enjoy it while your still in this world ;)

Thanks man appreciated - how desperate can you get - wouldn't be me. Imagine spending 50k pp just to try rim me.

One question? Can I be you? Please let me


We are somewhat progressed into the world now and its beginning to be clear who the biggest scrubs of the w are. I decided it was time to update the thread with some choice disses

HeyMyNameIsWendy- honestly i just have a grudge against people with the name wendy. I ate there once on a plane trip layover and the place gave me diarrhea...

The commander- have you ever heard of the phrase " GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" ? no ? Well i guess only a true metalhead like myself would. It means "true inner peace comes with inner security, and self esteem". Now that a large family tribe isnt actively threatening your tribe's position as rank one you seem to have calmed down and found your inner peace. Honestly im proud of you. Good job buddy.

Ragingbudha- you know what normal punk-OGs do with their money? You know, the ones that are basic and cringeworthy ? They go to the strip club and flex their bling. What does budha do ? HE SPENDS IT ON TW. Cuz thats what a real OG does, hes not some punk, he's not one of those basic shits that cant back up his word. This guy is original. Hes doing it right.
- btw i know this has been said but you misspelled your own name and it truly upsets me.

T0talpointWh0re- as someone pointed out today, this guy talks so much trash, but isnt even in the top 1000 ? Holy cow man this guy needs to find a different hobby. Hes clearly all talk.
Not to mention that what he DOES post is just terrible ! There is often-times satire hidden within the satire. Its honestly just cringeworthy.

Xstealthyx and iam?- im pretty sure that you both are just different personalities of a self hating schizophrenic. Calm down broski, make up and make out. No one even knows what ur talking about anymore.

ChrisIIhoppy- "roses are red,
violets are blue,
please suck my titty,
cuckoo cuckoo"
Honestly i didnt think you would make it this far, so props on that. But at the same time your trolling game has gone way down.
Net disappointment.

Black panther- im not entirely sure who you are, but i just have a deeply felt spite for cats in general. So take that you feline lover

Welp thats all for now. This is all satire so if you manage to get mad at this im impressed.
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So which is the tribe to beat in this world? Ten or 28?


Who and who?

Oops -- not who?, the tribe.

Ugh, not oops either.

I should never have returned here.


If you ask mea, alt-f4 are the tribe to look out for.

You're joking, baked already?? I thought they'd show their dominance.

I could go on and on, round and round in warriors circles...
Just stop doing drugs!