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I don't want to bitch too much,don't see the point.
But i just love how you triing to show me as a dirty adn dishonest player.

All this situation beetwen us started only becasue you are strange as person and because you are THE GREATEST NOOB AMONGST ALL THE NOOBS.

Beef beetwen us two started when Shagan realised i farm villas in area, then he becomed piss as hell and started abused me over pm. He said he cleared those villas(200points players lol) and that i can't farm his shit.
I told him on his bullshit to [removed by moderator] in nice way(iwas very polite)

But he has just too big ego and too much friends so with time he outplayed me by kicking me from tribe who? and marking me as a spy WHAT I WAS NEVER. I can give acc sitt to anyone and also how could i spy for ten when i hate his co duke and dont like that tribe bcs of shagan.

Anyway i just hope you are not going to retire your old egoistic ass,because i want to take you down. If not here then on some other world.
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Blah Blah Blah, there are so many bs statements I dont know where to begin....LMAO TROLL

Your not only a spy but a confirmed spy big difference...Ask Wal as i see you didnt rejoin them lol...

Now you are a homeless piece of you know what and soon be gone.

Just for the record one on one with me and you would get beat...



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you all need to stop fighting and serve me!...That's the way your game should be played! some of you might learn something;)


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Personally I dont need lessons on getting rimmed.....It just never happens...
Hahahaha, Bang on!

you all need to stop fighting and serve me!...That's the way your game should be played! some of you might learn something;)
Do you think people care about you on TW and you have to make everything about you, you came you screwed up you cant lead a tribe and got rimmed, just leave W92 forums you muppet.
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Rodo is on his period again
Yes sorry you all needed to see this but i went completly off yesterday, bcs i was marked as a spy and i was never spy in my life.
Shagan please explain me how laim you need to be to go to cry after every leader in area that i'm spy blah blah blah after i told you i'm coming for you? LOL

It says a lot of your charachter.

Secondly i didnt ever try to get back to wal after i leaved once! I never contacted them bcs i will not tribe hoop. FYI i was offered to be in their council what i rejected.

I will play best i can and try to survive long as i can.

And dont be so proud you neer getting rimmed.

YOu would have got rimm by me on this world and you know it. :)

Also there are a lot of indications i'm not a spy. Tell me for who would i spy and why?
Only one who said i'm a spy is you or ten as a tribe. Isn't that a bit strange and where are the proofs?

I dont need that shit to bring you down.

Also after i leaved ten(bcs of many reason but you on the first place) i joined wal. They are good guys but we all know they cant do much as a tribe. I really didnt care who will a join,i just couldnt be anymore with you in same tribe.

And after sopme time i was INVITED to who? , i never asked to join them.

As i know spies are begging all around to join tribes.

I will tell once again, rimm em i dont care but i'm not and will never be a spy.

Tell that shit once again about me and you will see.
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"They are good guys but we all know they cant do much as a tribe."

now we wait til he gets kicked from that tribe lol


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All i'm going to say its funny i'm being marked as a spy lol, by men who:
1) have spy or two in every bigger tribe in area

2) Steals account from diing boy

3) I could do liek this all day but it is not just worth it. I'm just sorry to see how much damage can one guy do.

Anyway i'm letting you to have the last one Shagan,i'm done with you.
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Rodo, all you ever did in Ten was give information on other tribes/players. So you're not a spy? You can't get much more of a spy than you.

That's all I'm going to say


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Rodoon 10.02. at 01:21
i know you are attacking him

this are his troops that survived

Rodoon 10.02. at 15:32

heres one from you buddy MJ
Big MJ23on 03.02. at 23:33
Hy SHAGAN888 how are things going'

Reason i meesaged you is can you as a tribe fake the shit out from ths guy hahah

bcs he is asking support all in panic bcs of 1 incoming
have a look :'D

I have tons more if you want me to keep going
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Also Shagan the big bad boy taked me down after he asked tribe mate to clear me. :)

You couldnt clear me by yourself?

Well nevermind just dont show off as a good player when you are noob. Dan hitted me nice. Good hit man and then comes the man that said he will bring me down haha . very proud of you

Also Shagan and similar to you i hope people will see what kind of people you are.

I guess you got no shame. You told everyone i'm a spy and int he same time you had liek 3,4 spies in who? tribe and god knows how much in other tribes.

Good luck to you well at least i will not be near you anymore.
I hope there is justice for people like you.

[removed by moderator]

I want to apologize everyone else you need to saw this kind of converation but Shagan and rest outplayed me in so dirty way.

Well nevermind i wish you all good in future.
And i will stay away from forums until i learn how to manage scrubs liek this in future.
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The spy aspect of your game is not the only issue you have rodo, your mostly worthless and unwilling to be apart of team...You wouldn't attack head first with us to clear players, wouldn't clear to make farms here but wanted to farm all our clears,,,you are delusional in your thinking and and your cries in here all just the opposite of what really happened to you here...Now you can lie, kick and scream all you want but the truth is your worthless....
Its all I have to say and feel free to ask anyone in TEN here they all know your crap.

I don't know the name of my villas? what sort of a comeback is that.
The reason I came here is because I find it hilarious how easy you find it to lie to everyone, I play this game as a team player. You clearly play it for self gain. Do not respond to this as I will not bother to read it anyway