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Discussion in 'World 46' started by Basand24, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. LarryIV

    LarryIV Guest

    Wasn't just jhimbog, gals87 and now Inaca too. Gals87 was inactive, but so what? No one let us away with that excuse so I am not letting you off with it either. The southern front has imploded for TSL...

    I could say the same to you :p
  2. distortedego

    distortedego Still Going Strong

    Apr 9, 2008
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    Atleast those account didn't leave nor been kicked. So I guess your the next mantoo? i mean twist spokeperson :p
  3. kaner189

    kaner189 Guest

    wow we have one area that according to you has 'imploded' for us...yet i see no dent in our fl. Must be so insignificant i cant see it.

    Then you look at twists front line and wow what a mess. twists north and center is crumbling.

    Seems you have become so delusional with the TSL effect you think u can see TSL's south imploding :D
  4. LarryIV

    LarryIV Guest

    Don't be a dick wallet...i have been around for a long time. Mantoo was a nub. Don't compare me to him. So if you want to continue to have a conversation about who is beating who fine, but don't insult me and not expect me to get my hackles up!

    As far as twist spokesman is concerned nah not really, just like rubbing it in your faces what a sad job you have done considering you have 10k more villages then us :lol: So if you want to continue to have a conversation about who is beating who, fine, but don't insult me and not expect me to get my hackles up! Carry on.
  5. margarine

    margarine Guest

    I find it amazing that you repeated word for word the same line in the first paragraph as in the second... Hopefully its a copy paste error and not signs of insanity! :O lol... Yeah as for the map, I think its fair to say that Twist is winning in the South and TSL everywhere else... No point in denying the obvious... As for the areas that Twist is gaining in, that is debatable whether or not they should be credited, but personally I believe that they should be given credit for the ground they have made there

    if the south of TSL was performing at the same level as the center and northern areas of TSL, Twist would not be doing as much damage as they are to those TSL accounts (regardless of location). Point is Twist is on the front foot there, TSL is doing little to push back in that area.

    Problem for Twist is that one area is not enough to win the war, especially when TSL is dealing more damage in the north and center individually. TSL still ahead in conquers even though they dont dismiss players that are losing stats is a sign of a very powerful tribe. Still have yet to see the remotest sign that Twist can win this war, but anything can happen I suppose
  6. kaner189

    kaner189 Guest

    only reason for the damage there is due to the inactive accounts. both tribes are concentrating on those accounts so twist are getting easy caps and the only way we can try and keep up with those caps is by nobling in the north and center. once those dead accounts are gone it will become more difficult for both tribes
  7. thegrinreefer

    thegrinreefer Non-stop Poster

    Oct 17, 2010
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    I hate to point out the obvious here... However, surely you can see that the ground TSL has made is through inactives in the north (anyone recall where the deleters were based??)
  8. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    Buko only quit after the fact. Hellkiller had a full-time sitter before you kicked him from the tribe when he started being attacked. K44/K45 hasn't been infiltrated through inactives, just lack of defense.

    The only K really effected by a deleter (although I believe the person deleted after he lost many villas ( I can't remember who was there) ) is K24/25. But like I said, they deleted after they lost all their K24 villas basically

    We've never targeted an account you were eating. You only ever ate the accounts after they lost many villas.
  9. cperry4

    cperry4 Guest

    I think the majority of the quitters she was referring to was Chachi and crew. Just a guess though as that was a huge chunk of barbs that both tribes has to munch through.
  10. cazcappy

    cazcappy Guest

    well both tribes didn't have to munch those barbs....but no one invited me.:icon_evil::icon_sad: Om Nom Nom.:icon_twisted:
  11. ragephizit

    ragephizit Guest

    Was hellkiller active when we attacked him? Was master chriss? Both yes.
  12. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    How many of the chachi barbs did TSL get? 100 at the MOST
  13. fyi gals isnt exactly in tsl is he??? - best double check your own tribe members before posting ego boi
  14. ampatriot

    ampatriot Guest

    He left the tribe... when he had how many vils left? Check the stats :p

    He remained in the tribe until he had about 6 or 7 vils left, after which he left and then deleted (i think he deleted anyway)
  15. Exactly, we had to noble the chachi, tink, sir lucid, etc, etc, etc not allowing us to eat other internals at the time that we had sits of cause at least we atleast knew what was coming there...... DUH!!!!!!!! up stairs for thinking dmoron

    Was hell killer active? shit i cant remember back that far rage...... master chriss volunteerily left twist as he was asked what his intentions where after being inactive after the mass delete by chachi and co, thus he left twist as he wasnt happy in the tribe any more. Not once did he ask for support that i can remember...

    bingo - we didnt exactly have time to worry about

    Dmoron, he's a news flash for you - the time that you were causing deletion of accounts was when we were eating, and consolidating after the deletion of chachi, tinks, sir lucid etc....... we didnt have the resources to mint the extra coins to get the internal villages plus the D to cover the new villages, and more D to cover accounts under attack........

    Your last op against smintie - Failure
    Your last op against an account being internallled in 44/45- Failure
    Your Op against xdarkskyx - Failure...
  16. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    Would you guys mind continuing this on a proper thread overly much :icon_redface:?
  17. distortedego

    distortedego Still Going Strong

    Apr 9, 2008
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    I'm confuse who is the next mantoo, you or Larry?

    Ofcourse gals isn't in TSL now. Can you find his name in the player ranking? I bet you won't. I think you're the one who needs to check infos :icon_eek:
  18. opteron180

    opteron180 Guest

    Marshall why smintie Op was an failure ? :) Are you drunk ? It was an cat Op, not an noble one...I think i saw many of her buildings felled down so don't talk about things you don't know.
  19. cazcappy

    cazcappy Guest

    So anyone make any new maps lately for this thread or is it gonna end up being a Tsundere Twist-TSL love fest -.-'

    would appreciate if these threads were kept on topic okay people?
  20. kaner189

    kaner189 Guest

    the maps are auto updating so have to keep going to the first page to see any progress or what ever