Official - W26 Updating Maps!


These are the auto generated maps for World 26. These maps have been made by nickjer, so all credits to him! I'm only updating the family list for World 26.
If you would like to check out other worlds, please go to

Now, the maps.

Tribe Dominance Map

Top 15 Tribes

Top 15 Noblers

Top Avg Points/Player

Player Dominance Map

Top 15 Players

Fastest Noblers

Top 15 ODA Palyers

Dominance Map Rules:
A top player or tribe in a continent must have as many or more points
listed on the map in a single continent to be displayed.

In the player dominance map the villages for the 15 players with
the most points in a continent are displayed (due to color issues).

Nobling Map Rules:
This map updates every 24 hours with the noblings that occured in
last day. If the same village is nobled multiple times, only the
most recent nobling right before the map update will count. The
top 15 tribes are displayed in the background with the villages
nobled in the past 24 hours showing as big squares in the foreground.

Fastest Noblers:
(# villages conquered since first nobled village)/(time since first
nobled village). Basically it shows the rate of ennoblements in
units of villages per day for the fastest players since their first
nobled village.

Main tribe,Family tribes
~ SM ~,~ SD ~,SM-A,~ SW ~
Please send me all family updates, either here on a private message or in-game.
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Nickjer is a god with his maps. Nice to see they are now on this world as well. :D


Im prolly blind or I missed when GYM fell out from top 15.


Top 15 Tribes here are based on Tribes total points while in Tribal Wars Top 15 Tribes are based on Top 40 players points in the tribe, so it's good that way.
If you look at Oi! they're on Top 15 Tribes here but are only ranked 19 in Tribal Wars.


AIght so massrecruit are top 15 even though they are not...thats solid :p


Well I didn't make the maps, but I must say I like it this way, so you can see who has the most points in total not just from top 40 players.


-XT- is first with the highest continent dominance and fith with fastest nobled :icon_cool:

The Cactus Kid

I can't see STORM nowhere :icon_surprised:
no ur right... they have gone... ok i guess these update more often than i expected.

But its basically the prob with the Top Nobling tribe map.

There is two blues very very close in shade.

Its currently PILLS and noobs sharing this colour.


meh not a big deabout those two colours...I am able to see the difference quite easily. However, I am lucky enough to have 15/20 vision (something like that point is it is better then 20/20).

ANyway, great maps keep them comming. I assume a couple others will be added once the world develops? Just asking based off of past worlds and the self-updating maps there.


Maybe they should just merge this with the first post in the map thread, there are already so many stickies


Check out the second map, looks exactly like sprinkles on a cake... ready for the eating ;)


Ok has annybody else noticed this...Pill's isn't the top tribe in any of the Continents...And yet they are the top tribe over all...How many diifferent K's are they in then??