oh. Hi! I'm your Mod thing. (New Mod)

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i guess they have nothing to add...
they dont play on the worlds they mod, so they dont need to comment on gameplay


How come mods never post -.-

Reasons why mods usually don't post in worlds they mod.

1. They are busy reading all the threads in multiple worlds and posting in a world they mod is usually not on their mind, they usually save their postings for worlds they play.

2. The world forums are meant mostly for PnP, mods are meant to be neutral party and discussing PmP is generally not remaining neutral, so it's best for a mod to be an observer and not a participator.

3. Mods generally don't understand all the politics of the worlds they mod, they usually don't follow all the stuff players would normally follow. Things like ranks, the updated maps, alliances, if a tribe is a single tribe or family, etc.

There are more reasons, but feeling a little lazy to write them out.
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